Finding an Attorney After You Were in a Taxi Crash

Many people use taxis to avoid having to drive to where they want to go. They may be visitors to a city and do not need to hire a car while they are there. Anyone who has a drink or socializes late may decide to use a taxi to get back home safely. If you have been injured while using a taxi service, you may be wondering whether you can claim compensation. The taxi driver may have been driving dangerously, or the taxi may have been hit by another vehicle. In most cases, injured victims of taxi accidents are able to claim compensation by filing a personal injury clam against the taxi driver directly, the taxi company or another driver altogether. It is advisable to use a car accident attorney to help you prepare a claim.

Damages after a Taxi Crash

If you have been injured while using a taxi you could suffer similar injuries to those you may have experienced if you were hit in your own car in similar circumstances. It is highly unlikely that you could be accused of being at fault yourself. Most taxi drivers, including Uber and Lyft drivers, should have liability insurance to cover them if they were responsible for an accident that injured a passenger. If another driver altogether was at fault, you will need to send a demand letter to that driver’s insurer.

Typical damages claimed could include:

  • lost earnings due to being absent from work because of an injury
  • medical costs related to the injury, including estimated future medical costs
  • compensation for the pain and suffering caused by the injury
  • property damage
  • punitive damages, which may be awarded if it is determined that the taxi driver or another driver showed excessive negligence

Injured in a taxi?

How a Car Accident Attorney Can Help You Prove Fault

It is important to prove who was at fault if you intend filing a personal injury claim. Most taxi rides take place in towns and cities and it is quite likely that your accident was witnessed by other people. Your attorney can help you find evidence that proves who was at fault in a taxi accident, whether it was the taxi driver him / herself or another driver.

Most accidents in which an injury has occurred would be attended by a police officer. The officer will attempt to discover the possible causes of the taxi accident and complete an official police report. This report, together with eye witness statements and any other evidence such as photos and a crash report, will help to identify who was at fault for the purposes of a personal injury claim.

Why You Should Let a Car Accident Attorney Handle Your Case

It doesn’t make financial sense to not hire a car accident attorney after a taxi accident. The attorney will have a much better idea of the chances of success if you pursue a personal injury claim against the taxi driver, the taxi company or another party altogether. Most attorneys who deal regularly with taxi accidents provide a free initial consultation and would include legal fees within the final insurance payment. This would mean that there would be no upfront fees to pay.

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