Documenting an Auto Accident as a Cyclist

If you have been injured when your bicycle was struck by a car, you can file a personal injury claim. The main way to proving your claim is by providing evidence to support it.

Preserve the evidence so you can build a strong personal injury case.

Go Back to Where You Crashed

Go to the accident scene so you can gather evidence to support your claim. You should check for any contributing factors that could have helped cause the accident. Here are some examples:

  • Make sure the intersection is clear
  • Make sure the driver had a clear line of site that was not blocked by shrubs or weeds

Every detail from the site that you can document will help support your claim and prove liability in the case.

Document the Damage

Get plenty of photos of the accident scene. Since you were on your bike, you should get photos of the accident scene from all different angles and document the line of site for you on your bike as well as the driver of the car.

You should attempt to get photos at the same time of day and on the same day of week as your accident. This shows what traffic was like at the time of the crash.

Have someone document the photos with the details for you, recording the date and time they were taken and the angle.

Documenting Cyclist Crash Personal Injury Lawyer

Protect the Physical Evidence

Physical evidence can make your case believable to the court. Since you were hurt in a crash with a car, photos of any damage to the car would help. You should keep your helmet, your torn clothing, and your bicycle as it is – without any repairs.

Do not repair anything or throw out any damaged gear.

Make sure you get plenty of photos of your initial physical injuries. Keep a list of physicians that treat you for these injuries so records can be obtained as evidence as well.

All your medical records and physician notes are important.

Gather Eyewitness Contact Info

Your personal injury can benefit from any witnesses. If possible, get the names and contact information for any witnesses. If you cannot, you might be able to go back to the scene and find them later.

Their testimony and statements can impact the outcome of your case.

The Role of a Personal Injury Attorney

Your personal injury attorney can make sure all documentation is put in order and that your evidence is properly filed so support your claim. An attorney might even hire a professional photographer to go out and get images of the accident site.

Your lawyer will also know what information is most beneficial for your claim and how to proceed with finding any witnesses.

Your personal injury attorney can improve your odds of being awarded compensation. If you have been involved in a crash, you should consult with a person injury lawyer so you can get your claim started and make sure everything is in order.