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I Can’t Pay My Bills After an Accident on a Motorcycle

Motorcycle accidents are rarely minor. Motorcycle riders are vulnerable to serious injury if they are hit by another larger vehicle. The most common scenario in a motorcycle accident is for the rider to be thrown off the bike. The injuries may be from a direct impact with the other vehicle or because of the fall to the ground. In some cases, motorcyclists are physically dragged along the road, causing major skin damage. Typically, broken bones, spinal and brain damage, severe cuts and bruising are the most common injuries.

Medical Bills After a Motorcycle Accident

Unless the accident is very minor, most riders who get thrown from their machines need hospital treatment. They may need ambulance services, an examination by a doctor, bandaging, medication and surgery. All of this has to be paid for but if the accident was not the fault of the rider and it can be proven that it was someone else’s fault, then it may be possible for all medical bills to be included in a personal injury claim with the at-fault driver’s insurer. Motorcyclists should be aware that even in a no-fault state, PIP insurance is typically not available for motorcyclists. Because of the much higher risk of injury, insurers are not prepared to cover medical costs in motorcycle insurance.

Property Damage Bills After a Motorcycle Accident

The main item that is damaged in a motorcycle accident is the machine itself. It is rare for motorcycles to remain completely unscathed in even a moderate crash. At the very least, the bodywork may suffer from scratches and dents and the handlebars, lights and mirrors damaged. In addition, the rider’s gear, such as leathers, helmet and anything that was carried in panniers or on the back seat may need replacing or repairing.

I Can’t Pay My Bills After an Accident on a Motorcycle

How a PI Claim Can Help Pay Bills After a Motorcycle Accident

You may be able to obtain compensation through a personal injury claim after an accident as long as you can prove who was at fault. Motorcyclists depend more on PI claims than other road users because of the difficulty in obtaining normal insurance cover for accidents. To make a PI claim, you would need evidence that you were hit by a negligent driver, e.g. a driver who overtook you too fast or swerved across a median strip or center line. Other road users who stopped to help may be the most useful evidence if they saw what happened. The police should attend the accident scene if there was an injury and will complete an accident report. This is also useful evidence to be submitted with your claim.

Why Working With a Lawyer Makes Sense

It can be difficult finding enough evidence to prove that you were not to blame for a motorcycle accident. It is common for insurers to claim that you were at least partially responsible for your own injuries. A personal injury lawyer can provide useful advice, suggest evidence that you can obtain and pursue the personal injury claim on your behalf.

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