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I Can’t Pay My Bills After My Car Was Hit by Fallen Debris

There are many reasons why falling debris could hit your car. The most common is caused by unsafe practices on a construction site when the sites activities are not shielded from passing vehicles so debris from above can hit a car by surprise. There are huge cranes involved in moving heavy material to aid the building of structures both large and small. It only takes an overloaded crane and its load could come crashing to the ground hitting anything that happens to be in its way.

If this has happened to you, and you believe that the accident was caused by the crane driver, or the construction site management you may have sufficient ground to win a PI claim aimed at the person who caused your injury from falling debris and damaged your car as well.

Medical Bills After My Car Was Hit by Fallen Debris

There are many injuries you could suffer as a result of falling debris striking your car. Even minor injuries can incur hefty medical bills such as the cost of transporting you to a hospital for treatment, physician’s fees, surgery to repair damage to internal organs, blood tests, scans and x-rays as applicable. Fortunately a successful PI claim includes paying your medical bills.

I Can’t Pay My Bills After My Car Was Hit by Fallen Debris

Property Damage Bills After My Car Was Hit by Fallen Debris

Your car may have only been slightly damaged attracting a relatively minor repair bill. The damage may have been more serious such as severe dents in the roof and windshield damage. Repair bills for your damaged vehicle could reach several hundred dollars for just minor body repair work to tens of thousands of dollars if your vehicle is so badly damaged that it is considered to be totaled. If you wish to include the damage to your car in your PI claim you need to be able to provide suitable evidence showing that the damage was caused by falling debris.

How a PI Claim Can Help Pay Bills After My Car Was Hit by Fallen Debris

A successful PI claim can help to pay for your medical treatment, any loss of earnings, and the cost of repairing or replacing your car. If you were injured seriously and have suffered pain from it you may be entitled to an amount to cover your pain and suffering. To win a PI claim, suitable evidence has to be provided showing that falling debris damaged your car and injured you as well. It helps to get eye-witness statements if you can at the scene where the falling debris hit your car, a copy of the attending police officer’s accident report and photographs taken after the falling debris hit your car.

Working With a Lawyer

There is no better way of ensuring you get the PI claim you deserve than by asking a PI lawyer to file a PI claim on your behalf.

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