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I Can’t Pay My Bills After a Head-On Accident - What Should I Do?

A head-on accident is potentially one of the most serious that takes place on the highway. This is because it is likely to cause the most serious injuries as the driver is closest to the impact with the other vehicle. Many serious injuries are life changing involving long term medical treatment and recovery times. So many head-on accidents are caused by negligent driving and the innocent victim of a head-on accident is likely to suffer financial hardship due to the accident.

Fortunately, in a head-on accident caused by another driver the victim who is not to blame maybe able to file a personal injury compensation claim with the at-fault driver in the hope of being relieved on the financial burden caused in such an unexpected accident.

Medical Bills After a Head-On Accident

When a driver and/or passengers are injured in a head-on accident there is a high chance that the medical treatment will cost a lot of money. A medical emergency could attract any of the following costs:

  • x-rays and scans;
  • transport to and from hospital;
  • surgery;
  • medication;
  • lost earnings while not able to return to work because of injury;
  • hospital visits;
  • doctor’s visit fees;
  • blood tests;
  • anesthesia before surgery;
  • ambulance fees.

Property Damage Bills After a Head-On Accident

As well as being injured in a head-on accident, there is a high probability that your car will have been damaged too. Sometimes the insurer may consider it is cheaper to replace the car than get it repaired. If you are considering filing a personal injury claim against the at- fault driver you will be asked to get the estimated costs for repairing your car or the replacement cost. This should be completed by a car repairer or valuer if you wish to convince the at-fault driver’s insurer of the true value of repairs or replacement cost. It could run into hundreds for repairs, or thousands of dollars for a replacement vehicle.

I Can’t Pay My Bills After a Head-On Accident - What Should I Do?

How a PI Claim Can Help Pay Bills After a Head-On Accident

A PI claim is available to help pay medical treatment costs, loss of earnings, and the cost of repairing or replacing your vehicle. If you have suffered greatly as a result of the head-on accident you may be able to recover an amount for pain and suffering as well. In order for a PI claim to be won you must have evidence available that shows the at-fault driver was negligent and it was this action that caused the accident. You may need evidence from witness statements, a copy of the attending police officer’s accident report and photos taken following the head-on accident.

Working With a Lawyer

Personal injury claims are rarely easy to win, but if the PI lawyer believes you have a high chance of success it is better to ask the lawyer to help you negotiate a satisfactory settlement for the head-on accident than you take on the insurer on your own.