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I Can’t Pay My Bills After an Accident With Multiple Drivers

You can have an accident at anytime, anywhere, even if you are the safest driver on the road. You cannot predict the possibility of being hit by someone who is just about to make a serious mistake. It’s bad enough dealing with a single at fault driver, but when there is more than one driver involved, it can be a real headache.

If you are considering filing a personal injury claim after an accident with multiple drivers, it is sensible to use an experienced personal injury lawyer to help you as it will need to be determined who exactly was to blame for the accident and how fault will be shared.

Medical Bills After an Accident With Multiple Drivers

If you have been injured as a result of the accident you may be facing quite a number of bills, depending, of course, on exactly what your injuries were and how serious they were. Every accident is unique so there are no hard and fast rules about what the costs are likely to be. Apart from the cost of medical treatment there is also a financial cost of any time lost at work. This should be included in the claim you submit.

The costs of medical treatment will be one or more of the following individual items:

  • The use of an ambulance;
  • Examination by a doctor or specialist;
  • Medication;
  • Specialist examination e.g. x–rays, scans;
  • Surgery including anesthesia;
  • Use of a hospital bed or room;
  • Cost of transportation to and from the hospital or medical centre;

I Can’t Pay My Bills After an Accident With Multiple Drivers

Property Damage Bills After an Accident With Multiple Drivers

The main cost will be when your car was damaged. This could be anything from a few hundred dollars to replace a broken headlamp or repair a dented panel or bumper through to thousands of dollars if your vehicle was totally wrecked. Sometimes, the cost of repairing a badly damaged car isn’t justified and it is cheaper replacing the car.

In addition to the car here may have been other expensive items in the car like a music system or computer or special sports equipment that was damaged and needs to be included in the claim.

How a PI Claim Can Help Pay Bills After a UPS Accident

When there is more than one vehicle involved it will take some investigation to determine the sequence of events that lead to the accident. Was there a single driver at fault? Were there two drivers both with some degree of fault? The basic procedure is the same, but the degree of fault must be determined and a separate claim then directed at each driver’s own insurer.

This is not an easy task as the insurers are unlikely to make any sort of compensation payment unless there is proof that their client is responsible. A successful claim or claims can help to pay not just for the cost of medical treatment, lost earnings and property damage, but for things like pain and suffering as well.

Working With a PI Lawyer

A claim after a multiple vehicle pileup can be hard to deal with all by yourself. You are strongly advised to talk to a personal injury lawyer as soon as you can after receiving treatment to determine what legal options you have and sort out who you should direct your claims to.

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