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I Can’t Pay My Bills After a Side Swipe Accident - What Should I Do?

When you go out on the highway every day, you do not expect to be involved in a side swipe accident. Unfortunately, not everyone is as good a driver as you are and some drivers do not pay the attention they should when passing other vehicles. This can cause serious accidents and injuries when side swiping other vehicles. If you end up in hospital because of someone else’s poor driving you will have numerous bills to pay, such as for hospital treatment and the damage to your vehicle. This is the sort of financial hardship that is too difficult to endure, but to relieve the burden you may be eligible to file a personal injury compensation claim from the at-fault driver to cover this unexpected financial burden.

Medical Bills After a Side Swipe Accident

Any side swipe accident could result in injuries such as broken bones or facial lacerations caused by broken glass which would need a diagnosis and medical treatment. You can expect to be billed for a number of different medical related expenses depending on the severity of your injuries such as:

  • the cost of an ambulance ;
  • the cost of physician’s visits;
  • the cost of x-rays and scans;
  • the cost of blood tests;
  • the cost of hospital visits;
  • the cost of surgery if required;
  • the cost of anesthesia before surgery;
  • the cost of transport to and from hospital;
  • the cost of all medications.

Property Damage Bills After a Side Swipe Accident

It is quite likely that your car was badly damaged in the side swipe accident, depending on how fast the at-fault driver was driving at the time. This could mean a high cost repair bill. You can include this in your PI claim as long as you have the evidence at your fingertips proving who caused the damage. This could be photos or eye witnesses reports indicating who caused the side swipe accident.

I Can’t Pay My Bills After a Side Swipe Accident - What Should I Do?

How a PI Claim Can Help Pay Bills After a Side Swipe Accident

A PI claim can pay for the full cost of your medical treatment, lost earnings while you recover, car repair expenses and even non-economic compensation for the pain and suffering caused by the side swipe accident. In order for a PI claim to be successful, you will have to provide vital evidence to prove who was negligent and caused the side swipe accident. This could be eye witnesses’ written reports, the police report compiled at the accident scene, photos of the accident and surveillance photos if available.

Working With a Lawyer

When dealing with insurers personal injury claims are not necessarily easy to win. However, the help of an experienced PI lawyer will help to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.