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I Can’t Work After My Car Was Hit While Parked

Most people prefer to use their cars wherever they go shopping or to work. They have to find somewhere to park which isn’t easy as parking lots are often full to the brim. An impatient driver may be speeding in order to beat another car competing for a spot.

This is when the car may side-swipe your car as the driver loses control of his/her vehicle. When this happens, you or your passengers could be seriously injured and your car damaged. It is likely you will need to take time off work for medical treatment and to recover from your ordeal.

Injuries That Can Occur When Your Car Is Hit While Parked

The injuries to you when you are parked will depend on the speed of the vehicle at the time. If the side swipe takes off your car door or smashes the glass in your window you may be inflicted with any of the following injuries some of which could be serious:

  • lacerations to the face from broken glass requiring cosmetic surgery to restore the skin;
  • whiplash caused by the sudden lurching of your car which throws your neck and head back and forth uncontrollably;
  • shock from the unexpected accident.

These types of injuries could involve several weeks off work recovering so in order to ensure you don’t suffer financially you should file a personal injury claim against the at-fault driver.

Filing a PI Claim for Injuries From an Accident Involving your Parked Car

A PI claim helps to cover the cost of medical treatment, any wages you may have lost due to the accident and of course the repairs to your car. You may be entitled to non-economic damages for pain and suffering caused by the accident too.

If you can prove the at-fault driver was negligent, you may be entitled to punitive damages.

You will need to provide evidence that proves who caused the accident. This could include any of the following:

  • detailed eye witnesses’ reports;
  • the police officer’s report;
  • bill for repairing your car;
  • all the bills for your medical treatment;
  • a doctor’s assessment of medical treatment still required;
  • a crash investigation report, if required;
  • photographs either taken by your or witnesses to the accident;
  • video camera footage from surveillance cameras in the parking lot;
  • details of your earners provided by your employer.

I Can’t Work After My Car Was Hit While Parked

Working With a PI Lawyer

Financial hardship is the first thing you will experience following a car accident when you have to take time off work and you no longer receive your weekly pay. To ensure your PI claim is successful you should contact a PI lawyer who will guide you through the claim’s process.

Once a settlement has been reached you will no longer be suffering financial hardship because you can’t go to work.

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