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I Can’t Work After a Car Accident at an Intersection

How You Can Be Injured at an Intersection

One of the biggest problems with any car accident is that serious injuries will mean time has to be taken off work to recover. This means it is hard to keep up with bills, which could lead to the accumulation of debts.

A car accident at an intersection could be serious if the at-fault driver ran a red light or lost concentration due to the influence of drugs and alcohol. If you have been seriously injured you may find that it is several weeks before you can return to work. You may be eligible to file a PI claim against the at-fault driver as long as you have the evidence to prove it at your fingertips.

Injuries That Can Occur in an Accident at an Intersection

Running a red light, or failing to stop at an intersection, could cause serious injuries to drivers or passengers of vehicles who are unable to escape the path of the car. If a driver is crossing the intersection at the right time and a driver runs the red light the sorts of injuries could be catastrophic depending on how fast both vehicles were being driven at the time.

If the driver who runs the red light exceeds the speed limit this could result in the other vehicle being totaled. This can result in serious life changing injuries like:

  • severe organ damage;
  • serious injury to the spine;
  • broken limbs;
  • lacerations and deep cuts to exposed parts of the body.

I Can’t Work After a Car Accident at an Intersection

Filing a PI Claim for Injuries After an Accident at an Intersection

If you believe the accident at the intersection was not your fault and you have the evidence to prove it, you should be able to file a personal injury compensation claim against the at-fault driver. A PI claim should cover you for the financial hardship you have to suffer due to the accident including lost wages, cost of medical treatment, damage to your car and non-economic damages such as a monetary value put on your pain and suffering.

Whether you win or not will be dependent on what evidence you provide. This could be:

  • the police report written at the scene of the accident;
  • the repair bill for fixing your car;
  • receipts showing medical treatment you have already paid for;
  • an estimation for the value of further medical treatment provided by your doctor;
  • the crash investigation report if required;
  • photographs and/or video camera footage;
  • a document from your employer showing your wages.

Working with a PI Lawyer

One of the worst outcomes of any accident at an intersection is that if the injuries are serious it may be a long time before you can return to work. This means you will not be receiving your usual wages.

In order to ensure you win the PI claim against the at-fault driver it is important to ask a PI lawyer to negotiate on your behalf. This is the fastest way of winning a favorable settlement, which should include any wages you have whilst you are unable to work. Complete the Free Case Evaluation on this page to have your claim reviewed by a personal injury lawyer that is able to take cases in your area!

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