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I Can’t Work After I Was Hit While Merging

There are all sorts of drivers out on the highways, day and night. Some drive at a leisurely pace and get to their destinations safely, while there are others who try to get there as quickly as possible.

This could mean taking risks like misjudging while merging into traffic. If this has happened to you the chances are your injuries are serious caused by the sudden, unexpected collision with a merging vehicle. You may have been forced to brake when the merging car tries to get in front of you. This could cause you to rear end the vehicle.

Injuries That Can Occur in a Merging Accident

If you had to brake suddenly and collided into the rear of the merging vehicle, your body will have lurched forward suddenly and rapidly. This could cause serious injuries to your torso in the front which could result in crushed organs and even concussion if you struck your head on the steering wheel or a hard object.

These could be life changing with a long recovery period which means it may take some time before you can return to work in your usual job. You will notice almost immediately that your wages will not be paid again until you return to work.

Filing a PI Claim For Injuries From a Merging Accident

As soon as you have recovered sufficiently, even though you may not be fit enough to return to work you should start thinking about filing a PI claim against the driver who caused the merging accident. If your PI claim is successful your compensation should cover your lost wages until you are able to return to work.

You can also recover your medical treatment costs, the cost of repairing your car and non-economic damages for your pain and suffering. If you can prove the driver who was responsible for the merging accident was negligent you may be eligible for punitive damages as well.

PI claims are only successful if there is sufficient evidence proving who was at fault. There are various ways you can prove that by providing the following:

  • the police report;
  • eye witnesses’ written testimonials;
  • a document from your employer showing your earnings;
  • repair bill for your car;
  • medical treatment and doctor’s bills;
  • crash investigation report;
  • photographic evidence.

Working with a PI Lawyer

The first thing you will notice after the merging accident, while you are off work receiving medical treatment, is that your regular wages have been stopped and you are struggling to pay your monthly bills.

This is why it is important to contact a PI lawyer as soon as possible so s/he can file a PI claim on your behalf. You can expect to receive a settlement far more quickly than if you take on the at-fault driver’s on your own.