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I Can’t Work After an Accident With a Car Not Using Headlights

Driving after dark is typically more hazardous than driving in the day time. Most people are more careful when they drive around at night. It is a legal requirement to have headlights, rear lights, brake lights and turn lights all functioning properly at night.

It wouldn’t be unusual to have an accident with a vehicle, which didn’t have any headlights on. Unfortunately, it is most likely to be a head-on collision. That means that any injuries could be serious.

The severity of any injuries will of course depend on how fast the vehicles were traveling when they crashed and their relative sizes. If you can prove that the other vehicle didn’t have its headlights on at the time of the crash, then you have good grounds to claim compensation for any lost earnings, as well as other damages.

Injuries That Can Occur After an Accident With a Vehicle That Had No Headlights

There are several possible scenarios if hit by a vehicle that didn’t have headlights on. If you are unaware that a vehicle was right behind you and are hit by it, you may suffer a whiplash injury, a typical injury caused by a rear-ended collision.

The other most common accident is a head-on collision. Injuries are more varied, but could include traumatic brain injuries, neck and facial injuries, severe lacerations, spinal injury and burns.

Most injuries would demand at least a few days off work to get checked out and receive treatment. This could mean several weeks or months off work if the injuries are more severe.

For example, concussion and a head injury that might involve brain damage may mean up to a year or more off work. Permanent injuries are possible and compensation for this possibility must be demanded in any personal injury claim.

I Can’t Work After an Accident With a Car Not Using Headlights

Filing a PI Claim For Injuries After an Accident With a Vehicle That Had No Headlights

Because of the likely severe injuries caused by an accident with a vehicle that didn’t have headlights on it is important to file a personal injury claim that includes all monetary costs. These typically include medical costs, lost earnings and property damage. If you can’t return to work you must include the full loss of earnings in your claim including projected future loss of earnings if you submit the claim before you can return to your job.

You will need to show evidence that the vehicle had no headlights on at the time of the impact. If the headlights were faulty this should show up in any quick check. A police officer is likely to check lights on inspecting the crashed vehicles and would include any such observation in an official crash report. If the lights just weren’t turned on, but were not faulty, then you may have to rely on eye witness statements, including statements made by people in your car, as well as anyone else who saw the vehicle before it hit you.

Working with a PI Lawyer

The chance of obtaining the compensation you deserve is far higher if you hire an experienced personal injury lawyer to provide legal assistance throughout. To get your claim reviewed by a personal injury attorney that takes cases in your area, complete the Free Case Evaluation today!

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