How To Dispute Fault When You Were In A Fender Bender Accident

It can happen at a red light when one car accidentally bumps into the car directly in front of it. The most common type of car accident is a common occurrence at grocery store parking lights when a vehicle backs away from a parking space and nudges a car moving behind it at a low rate of speed.

There is not a verifiable statistic that quantifies the number of fender benders that make it into insurance company claim reports each year. However, one thing is for sure.

Fender bender auto accidents can be costly.

This is especially true for fender benders that involve two vehicles that have bumpers that do not align exactly the same. Think about when a compact car meets the fender of an SUV.

The result of fender bender accidents is the same as any other type of car accident. You have to file a claim with your insurer to receive compensation for vehicle damage, and in some cases, treatment for personal injuries.

You Have the Right to Dispute Fault

Determining fault in any type of vehicle accident involves following the rules established by the state where you live, as well as the procedure established by your auto insurance company. The underlying principle for determining fault is to discover which of the drivers involved in a car crash was negligent.

Negligence often is defined as careless and thoughtless behavior behind the wheel of a car. For a fender bender, negligence can include not using the rear view mirror to back away from a grocery store parking lot or failing to stop at an intersection when the light turned yellow.

Courts and insurance companies represent the two primary parties that are interested in establishing fault in auto accident cases. A claim filed to cover the cost associated with a fender bender finds the desk of one of the adjusters employed by your insurer. After a detailed review of your claim, your insurance company might find your liable for not only paying for the repairs done to your vehicle, but also the repairs for the damage caused to the other vehicle. You might have to pay for your medical expenses as well.

How Much Will A Damaged Fender Cost?

Proving Negligence in a Fender Bender Accident

Fender bender accidents come in all shales and sizes. If your vehicle struck another car on the side, chances are good your insurance company will attribute the cause of the crash to your negligence. However, you can change the mind of your insurer by filing paperwork that disputes the official determination. Proving negligence requires the mindset of a detective, as you cannot expect a law enforcement officer to respond to the relatively minor accident.

You need to take photos of the accident scene, which includes images of the damage caused to your vehicle, as well as to the other car. Pictures of the accident scene can also provide your insurer with a clear look at what the weather conditions were like on the day of the fender bender accident. Interviewing witnesses to the fender bender crash is another way to bolster your auto insurance claim.

It is important to know how strong of a claim you have before filing it with your auto insurance company. Schedule a free evaluation today to determine whether you need more evidence to prove you were not the cause of a fender bender accident.

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