How To Dispute Fault When You Were Hit By A Motorcycle

Motorcycles typically are no match for standard types of vehicles. Even a compact car can severely damage a motorcycle, as well as cause serious injury to the operator of the motor bike.

However, most motorcycle accidents are not considered serious, with both the operator of the motorcycle and the vehicle itself sustaining minor damage. Nonetheless, you have to account for any damage done to your car, as well as any injuries that resulted from a crash with a motorcycle.

Filing an auto insurance claim to cover the costs associated with a motorcycle accident follows the same guidelines established by your insurer for every other type of vehicle accident.

You submit the paperwork issued by your insurance company, as well as any evidence that supports your auto insurance claim. Unfortunately, many insurance companies deny auto claims because the companies believe the policy holder was at fault for triggering the accident.

What is the Process for Disputing Fault?

As with the filing of the original claim, your auto insurance company has established a procedure for disputing fault in a car crash case. You need to submit additional paperwork that starts the clock ticking on making a decision about the status of your dispute.

Forms used to file a dispute contain many of the same sections you filled out on the original claim. The difference between the paperwork file for a dispute and the paperwork filed for the original claim is the dispute paperwork requires more details about the accident.

In some cases, new information can come to light after an insurer has denied an original claim. New information can be additional witness accounts, as well as the introduction of new physical evidence that points the legal finger at the operator of the motorcycle.

Most auto insurance companies do not like the extra time and money it takes to facilitate a claim dispute. Make sure you present a much stronger case the second time around than you presented when you filed the original auto insurance claim.

Can’t Work After An Accident On A Motorcycle?

How to Prove Negligence

The first thing you do after an accident with a motorcycle is to check on the health of the motorcycle operator and the health of everyone inside your vehicle. Then, you should call the local law enforcement agency to request assistance in handling the aftermath of the crash.

The official police report of the incident represents the most important document filed with an auto insurance claim. The report will include details of the circumstances leading up to the crash. It will also contain information that helps insurers assign fault for the accident.

Although a police report acts as the de facto judge and jury for determining fault in a car accident case, you do not have to accept the analysis issued by a law enforcement officer. You have the right to present evidence that you collected, from witness accounts to photographs of the accident scene.

Schedule a Free Case Evaluation

You do not have to roll the dice and hope your auto insurance company approves your claim. By completing a free case evaluation, you receive an indication of whether you have collected enough verifiable evidence to reverse the fault decision made by your auto insurance company.

Most case evaluations take little time, and you can complete an evaluation online from the comfort of your home.

Schedule a free case evaluation to determine the strength of your auto insurance claim.

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