How To Dispute Fault When You Were Hit By A Police Car

It is not a secret that police officers work one of the most dangerous jobs. Law enforcement agencies issue standards for conduct that minimize the physical threats encountered by police officers. One of the most common physical threats is vehicle crashes, especially accidents that result from high-speed chases.

When you hear sirens blaring, you are instructed to pull to the side of the road and wait for the commotion to pass. However, there are times when it is nearly impossible to find a safe spot until a caravan of cop cars speed past your vehicle. A police cruiser hits your car, and it makes an incredibly strong impact. Another type of vehicle accident with a police car is a run of the mill crash that happens every day on American roads and highways.

Regardless of the type of crash you had with a police car, the odds are stacked against you for receiving approval for an auto insurance claim. Law enforcement agencies often receive the benefit of the doubt from insurers, which means you might get a notice from your insurer that you were at fault for the accident.

Disputing Fault Can Involve Legal Action

There are two ways to dispute fault for an auto accident involving a police car. First, you follow the dispute process established by your car insurance company. The dispute process requires submitting a detailed account of what unfolded before, during, and after a vehicle accident with a police car.

Most insurers dislike anyone questioning the original claim decision, which means you better submit much more persuasive evidence the second time around for getting an at fault decision overturned.

You also can dispute your insurer’s decision in a courtroom. Maybe after meeting with a state licensed attorney, you discover that the law enforcement agency presented a weaker case than you were told by your auto insurance company. There is also the possibility your insurer mishandled your case, which cost you a considerable amount of money. A lawsuit filed to recover the lost money requires you to reverse the at fault decision issued by your insurer.

Can I Report My Auto Accident to the Police After the Fact?

Proving Police Negligence is Difficult

You can expect to be at an immediate disadvantage when disputing an at fault decision involving a police car. The most convincing piece of evidence for any auto accident case is the official police report sent to your auto insurance company. For an accident involving a police car, the officer driving the police car will file the official police report. To win a dispute, you need to find another way to present more compelling evidence.

The answer to your law enforcement problem is to locate more witnesses that can verify your version of events. Perhaps the officer driving the vehicle that crashed into your car selectively interviewed witnesses to gain the most favorable version of events.

Sometimes, witnesses leave the scene of an accident before anyone can interview them. The key to winning an at fault dispute with your auto insurance company is to present a stronger case that overwhelms the version of events told by the officer driving the police car.

You have to make sure you gather more than enough evidence to show you were not at fault when you were hit by a police car. A free case evaluation will give you a good idea about the strength of your insurance claim dispute.

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