How To Dispute Fault When The Other Driver Didn’t Use The Turn Signal

It seems like an open and shut case. The other driver made a turn, without alerting other drivers by turning on the turn signal. This type of accident is one of the most common types of vehicle accidents, and it happens for the most part because of the thoughtless actions taken by the other driver.

However, proving the other driver acted thoughtlessly is another matter that can bring your insurance company and/or a civil court judge into the picture.

For a car accident caused by driver negligence, it is essential that you obtain the services of an experienced lawyer who advocates your case in front of a judge, as well as in the office of your insurer and the insurance company representing the other driver.

When You Have to Dispute Fault

When another driver fails to use the turn signal to indicate a vehicle maneuver, the impact triggered by a vehicle crash is initiated by another driver.

When one vehicle strikes another vehicle, the law of physics and the law concerning personal injury issues fall on the side of the driver whose car received the impact. Think about the insurance ramifications of a rear end collision. The driver of the car that rear ended another car is usually found at fault for causing the accident.

If you were involved in a car crash involving another driver who didn’t use the turn signal, you can expect your insurer to consider you the primary cause of the car crash. Insurance companies establish different guidelines for assigning fault for a vehicle accident, but you can bet your insurer will do everything it can to get off the financial hook by assigning fault for the incident on your shoulders

. It often comes down to your word against the word of the other driver, that is, unless you can find at least one convincing witness to collaborate your version of events.

I Can’t Work After an Accident With No Turn Signal

How to Prove Negligence

A case involving a motor vehicle crash allegedly caused by a driver who didn’t use a turn signal is resolved mostly by reading the accounts of everyone that witnessed the crash. Whether you conduct interviews with witnesses, or a law enforcement officer collects the official accounts of the crash, you will need witnesses to support your claim that the other driver was negligent by not turning on the vehicle’s turn signal.

Lack of turn signal accidents are considered unique because proving negligence might come down to examining the videos taken by cameras installed at the intersection.

With a rapidly growing number of cities installing traffic cameras, a video of the vehicle accident might convince your insurance company that the other driver caused the crash by not turning on the vehicle’s turn signal. The video recording must clearly prove the lack of a turn signal makes the other driver negligent for causing the accident.

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