How to Win a PI Claim if Hit By a Drunk Driver

When a driver is drunk behind the wheel of a car it is a lethal cocktail. Drinking and driving are just not compatible. Accidents are likely to happen because the drunk driver easily loses control of his/her vehicle when there is other traffic around. Apart from being drunk, there are additional situations when accidents are more likely to take place.

Speed is one of these which does not combine well with alcohol and can cause serious accidents and devastating, life changing injuries to victims. Added to this is when the drunk driver is driving erratically and other drivers cannot understand where s/he is going. This can cause indecision and wrong decisions when predicting what the drunk driver is going to do next and accidents typically take place.

How to Prove You’re Not at Fault If Hit by a Drunk Driver

If the driver is drunk while driving a motor vehicle there are a number of negligent acts s/he could perform, including:

  • merging in and out of lanes on the highway erratically;
  • stopping suddenly without paying due care and attention;
  • running a red light;
  • crossing and intersection when it is not safe to do so;
  • talking and texting while on the phone.

Any of these illegal acts should provide evidence as to who caused the accident, making it easier for the victim to file a successful PI claim.

Evidence to help Win a Hit By Drunk Driver PI Claim

Before approving a PI claim the at-fault driver’s insurer will ask the victim to provide evidence to back up the PI claim. This can include any of the following:

  • police report which shows the drunk driver had broken the law;
  • eye witnesses describing the behavior of the drunk driver before the accident took place;
  • video surveillance camera footage of the area proving the drunk driver caused the accident;
  • photos that you took at the scene of the accident;
  • a medical report which describes your injuries.

There is no such thing as too much evidence when it comes to providing proof to support a PI claim. A police report can be helpful as it highlights who and what caused the drunk driver accident and it is likely the driver will be charged if the amount drunk is over the limit.

How to Win a PI Claim if Hit By a Drunk Driver

How a Lawyer Can Help When Hit By a Drunk Accident Claim

Insurers are not the easiest of people to work with. You are far more likely to win a good settlement if you talk to a PI lawyer first who has the experience and persuasive abilities to win a favorable PI settlement on your behalf. Trying to negotiate with an insurer on your own is unlikely to lead to a good settlement.

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