How to Win a PI Claim If Hit on a Motorcycle

Motorcycle riders are some of the most vulnerable road users. They have to take particular care when out riding on busy roads. They not only have to wear protective helmets but high visibility clothing helps too. One of the main reasons for being hit by another vehicle is that it failed to see the motorcycle before the accident took place especially at an intersection. Driving rain and snowstorms also make it difficult for a motorcycle to be seen by other vehicles. This doesn’t however give any excuse for a driver to cause a motorcycle accident.

How to Prove You’re Not at Fault for a Motorcycle Accident

Other drivers are not always paying attention and do not see the motorcycle because they are texting/talking on a cell phone, eating and drinking and even speeding. All these sorts of behavior are regarded as negligent and could result in the driver being charged if caught. If this happens then it is easier to file a PI claim for the injuries caused to you while on your motorcycle by the at-fault driver.

As long as you as a motorcyclist are obeying all the road rules and the other vehicle did not keep sufficient look out for you, there is a higher chance you can win a PI claim to cover the cost of medical treatment and lost wages. It is always a good idea to discuss your claim with a PI lawyer.

Evidence to Help Win a Motorcycle Accident Claim

Having sufficient evidence to prove who caused your motorcycle accident is the best way to ensure you are able to win a PI claim. There are several types of evidence you can get to help support your claim. These are:

  • photographs before and at the scene of the motorcycle accident;
  • surveillance camera footage showing how the accident happened;
  • a police report showing what caused the accident;
  • eye witnesses accounts showing how the accident took place;
  • medical reports showing you had been injured in a motorcycle accident.

If a driver was caught by the police breaking the law like driving while drinking or under the influence of drugs or even texting this makes it much easier to win a successful PI claim. You just need to ensure you have the evidence at your fingertips so it cannot be disputed.

How to Win a PI Claim If Hit on a Motorcycle

How a Lawyer Can Help Win a Motorcycle Claim

Insurers of at-fault drivers are always on the look-out when a PI claim is filed. If any of the evidence is in doubt it will be difficult to reach a satisfactory settlement. It is better to talk to an experienced PI lawyer who can file a PI claim on your behalf for the motorcycle accident. They know how at-fault drivers’ insurers act when a claim is filed and they can make sure all the evidence presented cannot be doubted.

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