Personal Injury Case - Fractured Ribs

You can break any of your bones in almost any type of accident. There are many times when an accident is not your fault, but caused by someone else's negligence.

This may mean that you could have done little to avoid it but you have to suffer the pain and suffering as well as the resulting financial hardship. In most states you can file a personal injury claim against the person who caused your accident.

It is important to hire an experienced personal injury attorney to help you obtain just compensation for the financial hardship you need to endure due to injuries you have received.

Fractured Ribs Could Be a Serious Injury

You may think that fracturing a rib is not really serious and will heal easily without medical help. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Sometimes, parts of the rib that have broken can do serious damage to adjacent internal organs, such as the lungs and heart.

This is particularly the case if your car is hit in the rear by another vehicle as you are thrown forward violently. You could also easily fracture your ribs in a head on collision.

Despite the fact that vehicles are fitted with airbags, the impact from an accident of this type can still cause fractured ribs.

Fractured Ribs Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal Injury Claims Due to Fractured Ribs

The financial impact of fractured ribs can be high. A personal injury claim should be filed as soon as possible if you think you can prove who or what caused the accident in which you were injured.

It is important first of all to firmly establish who caused your fractured ribs and the relevant evidence must be gathered together and presented to the person who is to blame.

In some states, even if you were partly to blame for the accident you may not be allowed to file a personal lawsuit against the person who was mainly to blame. In other states, you may be able to claim a portion of the damages if you were partly at fault yourself.

All states have time limitations for filing a personal injury claim and once that time runs out you will have to face any financial hardship on your own.

An Experienced Attorney Can Be On Your Side

It is important to contact a personal injury attorney as soon as your injuries allow you to do so if you think you have grounds for a claim.

An attorney who is experienced in handling claims like yours will be able to assess the circumstances of the accident you were involved in and what evidence there is to dispute fault if necessary.

If the attorney thinks that there is a good chance of negotiating a successful settlement, he or she will calculate what compensation you should claim for.

This will cover medical costs until full recovery has been achieved, loss of earnings while recovering and an amount for pain and suffering.

In some states, an amount may be awarded for what is called "punitive damages,” especially if the party at fault was particularly negligent.