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Personal Injuries – Knee Injuries

Some injuries may not be life threatening but can be extremely debilitating and costly, especially if they prevent a return to work. Injuries to major joints like the knee, elbow, shoulder and hip can occur after common accidents like slips, trips and falls. Car and motorcycle accidents can also easily cause injuries to bones and joints.

Even if major surgery is not necessary and there is no need to stay long in a hospital, knee injuries can mean a loss in income. Not everyone has a sympathetic employer or good medical provisions in their employment contract.

If the injury was caused by an accident that was preventable you may be able to claim compensation from whoever was responsible for the accident. A fair and just settlement can ensure you do not have to suffer a financial loss because of someone else’s careless or negligent actions.

Knee Injuries May Mean You are Grounded at Home

The knee joint is one of the most crucial joints in the body. If it has been damaged, you may no longer be able to stand up or move around. You may need surgery, especially if the knee bone (patella) has been fractured or you have had a soft tissue tear.

Knee injury after an accident?

Knee injuries can happen in many different ways. They are common sports injuries, but even if you are not playing sports, you could easily slip or trip up and fall over. A common accident scenario is in a store where the floor surface has been allowed to deteriorate. Loose carpeting, uneven floorboards or things like extension cords which have been left on the floor can all be unexpected hazards.

All it takes is a slip or a trip and you fall over awkwardly, twisting one or both legs and end up injuring a knee joint. Property owners are expected to provide a safe environment for any member of the public, who is allowed to use that space, so may be legally liable for your injury.

An Unexpected Knee Injury May Lead to a Personal Injury Claim

Not all knee injuries are serious and may be just a temporary inconvenience. If you wake up next day and don’t feel a thing, consider yourself lucky. However, if your injury is more severe and it could have been definitely prevented if more care had been taken, you should definitely consider taking legal action.

A claim for compensation could be made to recover the full cost of any medical treatment you have had to pay as well as any losing income because your knee injury meant you had to stay at home. It is important to consider any long term effects of a bad knee injury. If the injury means that you have some permanent disability this should be considered as part of your personal injury claim.

An Attorney Can Help With Your Claim

Many insurance companies are reluctant to hand out compensation payments on behalf of their clients unless the evidence that demonstrates who was liable is hard to deny. An experienced personal injury attorney will have dealt with many other cases like yours and will be able to give a professional opinion about your chances of success if you decide to file a lawsuit.

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