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Personal Injuries - Paralysis

Accidents can happen at any time even when you think you are the most careful person alive. You could end up in a wheelchair or severely impaired through no fault of your own. Any severe injury that has been caused through someone else’s negligence should never mean that you have to pay the cost of dealing with it. It is bad enough having to cope with the pain and suffering of the injury itself without making the person whose negligence caused it take responsibility.

If it can be established clearly what happened and who was involved, you may be able to claim compensation for the full cost of your injury. If you have been permanently paralyzed, for instance, this may include treatment and support for the rest of your life. It is imperative that you get help from a very experienced accident attorney if you have a serious injury that was not your fault.

What is Meant by Paralysis?

Paralysis means that you can no longer control the function of some part of your body. It could be a physical part of your body or one of your senses, such as your sight or hearing. Usually, the nerve connections between this part of the body and your conscious brain have been damaged or severed completely. The extent of the paralysis may be minor, e.g. only a finger or toe has been affected, or is major, e.g. to the whole of your body below your neck.

It could be temporary or permanent. If the damage has not severed a nerve, especially the spinal cord, but has caused something to press up against it, surgery may lead to full recovery. If the spinal cord has been severely damaged or severed completely, all feeling and movement below the damaged section is likely to be permanently terminated.

Paralysis due to negligence?

Why it is Important to Seek Compensation after Suffering Paralysis

Whatever the extent and future prognosis for the paralysis, it is likely to have a significant, possibly massive, effect on your life. It is not just an ongoing surgery. Even if you recover partially, you may not be able to work in the same job as you did before, or even work at all. If you are a breadwinner, this could mean real suffering for your family.

If the cause of the paralysis is linked to someone else’s negligent behavior and this can be proved the you may have a good chance of at least recovering sufficient money to make your life as comfortable as it could be under the circumstances.

Legal Help From an Experienced PI Attorney May be Essential

It is wise not to underestimate the challenges involved in making a claim for compensation for a severe injury such as paralysis. Just because you are seriously injured doesn’t automatically mean that the person or people who were at fault admit their part in the accident. Insurers are not keen to admit liability in any circumstances. Your long term state of health and your chance to live a reasonable life depend on preparing a convincing case against those at fault. The help from an attorney with experience in cases of paralysis can make all the difference between facing a miserable future and one that is more worthwhile.

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