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Making a Claim for Ball Joint Damage After a Car Crash

It would be unusual for ball joints to be damaged on their own in a car crash. If your car was hit by another vehicle and any of your wheels were directly hit, then it is likely that your ball joints could suffer damage in addition to your wheel, tire and even possibly the steering system.

This could be a very expensive repair, even if you personally weren’t injured in the collision.

If the driver whose car caused the damage was at fault, you should be able to file claim for compensation for replacement of the ball joints, as well as any other car part that was damaged in the crash. You may need an attorney to help you with your claim.

The Cost of Fixing Damaged Ball Joints After a Car Accident

Ball joint repair can be expensive. If your car was hit and damage done to your ball joints, the mechanic will make a thorough check of the other ball joints in case the shock of the impact caused any damage to them, too.

A damaged or failed ball joint could lead to the detachment of part of your suspension, so must be repaired, or more likely replaced quickly before the car is driven again.

A typical replacement cost of a single ball joint varies on the model and age of manufacture of the car. It might cost only $200 for a single ball joint replacement up to $1,000 for all four. The repair yard should also suggest an alignment check after any repairs.

In addition to the parts replacement, you should also consider claiming for any injuries received during the crash any other damaged parts and the cost of using another vehicle, e.g. a rental car, while your own car is out of action.

Making a Claim for Ball Joint Damage After a Car Crash

Evidence is Required to Prove Fault in an Accident That Has Caused Damaged Ball Joints

You will need evidence that shows who caused the car crash that damaged your ball joints. You will also need to know what happened and the circumstances provided that helped the crash happen.

Take photos of the cars at the crash scene, especially if the bonnet can be opened and the engine inspected to gauge the extent of the damage present. /p>

Reasons to Work With an Attorney

You may think that you don’t need to provide evidence of who caused damage to your car as it should be self-evident, This is not sufficient and insurers will want to know who you are, how the accident happened and why you are asking them to provide compensation.

The best way to do this is to obtain professional input from an attorney.

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