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Making a Claim for Bumper Damage

One of the most common accidents on highways is when a vehicle behind often due to inattention fails to stop and damages the bumper of the car in front. This might not be a serious accident but it can inflict some quite costly damage, as well as being unsightly. It could also bring down the value of the affected vehicle.

If this has happened to you and the accident wasn’t your fault you may be entitled to claim compensation from the driver who caused the bumper damage. If the insurer of the at-fault driver isn’t prepared to willingly pay for the damage to the bumper it’s worth talking to a personal injury attorney who will work on your behalf to get the compensation you deserve.

How Much Does a Bumper Repair Cost?

When a bumper is damaged it’s not cheap to get it repaired so that it looks as good as new. There are a number of costs to consider, such as the cost of labor time fixing the problem at $100 per hour and the cost of paint and other materials, which could end up at $300 or more. It could reach a figure well over $2,000 once the job has been completed.

If you're vehicle has sensors, cameras, lights, or other parts that have suffered damage the repair price is likely to be far higher. With more modern vehicles you can expect to pay more than $1,000, or even more for bumper repairs.

The cost of a claim must also include the ‘inconvenience factor.’ This is the cost to you of having to find alternative transport when your own car is out of action being repaired. This could be the cost of using a taxi or renting another car just to get to work.

Making a Claim for Bumper Damage

How to Prove Who Caused the Bumper Damage

Before an insurer is likely to pay for the repair bill for bumper damage, evidence will be required to show who caused the bumper damage. This means getting eyewitness reports that can be forwarded to the insurer that shows quite clearly who and what caused the damage.

A police report written about the accident also confirms what caused the bumper damage. Additionally, a bumper damage report by a bumper repair business may also shed some light on what caused the damage to the bumper.

Once all this evidence has been put together the insurer should come to a decision about whether it’s prepared to pay for the damage. The most important feature is proving who caused the damage to the bumper so the insurer of the at-fault driver can be informed.

Reasons to Work With a Lawyer

If the insurer continually makes excuses for not funding the damage bill for the bumper repair its worth talking to a personal injury attorney who will work relentlessly to get the compensation that’s sufficient to repair the bumper. Personal injury attorneys know the tricks insurers often play to avoid paying for auto repairs.

It only takes a little bit of persuasion by the personal injury attorney to solve the problem. Complete the Free Case Evaluation to be connected with a lawyer who can help.

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