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Making a Claim for Dents After a Car Crash

Most of us try to avoid damaging our vehicles when we travel to work, go shopping and visit family and friends. But there are times when an accident does happen which inflicts quite serious unsightly dents to the vehicle.

If your car has been dented by another vehicle as a result of a car crash you may be able to file a claim for compensation with the at-fault driver’s insurer.

You may also need to talk to a personal injury attorney at the beginning if you were injured in the accident and the attorney can help with claiming damage to the vehicle such as unsightly dents.

The Cost Of Fixing Dents After a Car Accident

There are many ways that are used to fix a dent in a car and usually they require the skills of a person experienced to do so.

Obtaining an estimate for a car dent repair, you could quite safely use the 1-inch guide of about $25 per inch. A one inch dent with labor charges included will be a little more expensive at around $80 for an inch.

When the dent reaches a size of 1½ inches it can cost on average $130 to repair. Prices generally increase by $25 per ½ inch. Therefore a dent of two inches diameter will cost $125 to $150.

Special tools are needed for dent repair, and the tools are not cheap to buy. If you hire an expert to fix the dent repair you can expect to pay an amount that matches the value of the quality of the dent repair given.

Making a Claim for Dents After a Car Crash

Evidence is Required to Prove Fault In an Accident That Has Caused a Dent

Before the insurer of the at-fault driver will release any money for a dent repair to your car you will need to make available adequate evidence showing who and what caused the accident.

This means having the contact details of any witnesses who may be willing to sign a statement saying the at-fault driver caused the accident, a police report and a report from the dent repairer.

If at all possible, photos of the accident and the dents it caused should be made available as well. Once fault has been established, the victim can start the ball rolling by putting the claim together. As long as no flaws are found in the claim the insurer should arrange a payment.

Reasons to Work With an Attorney

Not all claims for accidents that have caused dents to cars will be won easily. So to make the process easier it’s better to contact an attorney who will ensure all the evidence required to support the claim is clear.

Insurers will often find a way of getting out of paying the whole amount for a dent repair but they will be more cooperative if an attorney is involved in the process.

Complete the Free Case Evaluation Form today so you can get your claim on the right track. You have nothing at all to lose. Remember there is a statute of limitations, so act today.

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