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Making a Claim for Fender Damage

Fenders are not a vital part of your car, but they are an integral component that surrounds each of your wheels. If a fender is damaged by another vehicle, typically when they pass too close for comfort or in somewhere like a parking lot, you will want to file a claim for compensation to cover the replacement cost.

As this depends on proving that the damaged fender was caused by someone else’s negligence, you may find it difficult convincing another driver’s insurer that you deserve compensation. This is when you should contact a personal injury attorney to help with a claim.

Compensation for Damaged Fenders

It can be surprisingly expensive repairing even one fender. In fact, the total repair bill may be higher as it is unlikely that the fender is the only panel that needs repairing. If the fender is only lightly scratched, it can be repaired fairly easily but if it is badly dented, it will need removing and replaced with a new fender altogether.

The total cost will include the labor cost, parts and the cost of having the inconvenience of leaving your vehicle with the car yard for repair. The latter should not be overlooked, as it may be several days that you need to use a taxi or rent another car to get to work.

The replacement panel cost of a new fender depends on the model of the car and some high end cars can be quite complicated to remove and replace. An average quote could be anything from $500 for a scratch repair to over $3,000 for a new panel.

Making a Claim for Fender Damage

You Must Prove That You Were Not to Blame for the Accident

If you are hit by another vehicle in a parking lot, and you are in your car when it happened, the chances are that the other driver admits to being at fault and an insurance claim is problem free. If you are hit by another driver while on the highway or negotiating city traffic, you may need to obtain evidence that you were not at fault.

Because you need to make the claim against the other driver’s insurer, their primary loyalty is to their own client and often times this means that they may try and claim that you were to blame for the accident. Suitable evidence to back up your claim can be got by taking photos after the crash at the scene, asking eye witnesses, if any are present, to vouch for your side of the story and using a damage report from your car repair yard.

How a PI Lawyer Can Prove Useful

A personal injury attorney should be approached if you think that you are going to experience difficulties claiming compensation for a damaged fender. Most PI attorneys do not charge for an initial consultation and can advise you based on the circumstances of your accident whether you have a good chance of winning a personal injury claim.

If the bill for fender replacement seems to be ridiculously high, then this might be a good reason to ask for legal help from an experienced attorney. Complete the Free Case Evaluation to be contacted by an experienced lawyer.

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