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Making a Claim for Rear End Damage After a Car Crash

Rear end damage to a vehicle is a common occurrence these days with more and more drivers being distracted by mobile devices in their vehicles so they are not paying full attention to the road.

When a vehicle rear ends the one in front the amount of damage will depend on how fast the vehicle was traveling at the time and how long it took the driver to brake.

If you have been a victim of rear end damage by another vehicle it’s likely to be expensive to repair the damage but you may be entitled to damages from the driver who caused the accident.

Sometimes these cases are hard to prove and it might be wise to seek assistance from a personal injury attorney who handles damages claims so that you get the damage claim you are entitled to.

The Cost of Repairing Rear End Damage to Your Vehicle

There is no hard and fast calculation for repairing rear end damage but it could cost up to $10,000. It will all depend on how much replacement parts cost and what the labor charges are for undertaking the repair.

There is also the question of matching up paint to the rest of the car once the overall repair of the rear end damage has been completed.

If it’s only one side of the rear end that’s been damaged then the cost of repairs may be less than if the rear end had been completely totaled.

Finding Proof of Who Caused the Rear End Damage

In cases where there is clear evidence showing what or who caused the rear end damage then typically it’s easier to find the proof that’s required to support a damages claim.

For example, if you are sitting waiting for the lights to turn green and an impatient driver rear ended you from behind, you will certainly know who caused your car damage!

However, if the damage occurred on a street while parked or in a parking lot, finding the at-fault driver may not be that easy.

Making a Claim for Rear End Damage After a Car Crash

Assuming you know who caused the rear end damage you will need witnesses to back this up. Also you may need a police report showing who or what caused the rear end damage. It’s always useful to provide some reliable photographs taken at the scene of the rear end accident.

Once this has been successfully accomplished then it’s time to file a damages claim with the at-fault driver’s insurer.

You May Need the Help of a Personal Injury Attorney

It’s never easy to negotiate a damages claim with an at-fault driver’s insurer. The easiest way to succeed with this challenge is to talk to a personal injury attorney who will direct you in the right direction and help to ensure you get the damages claim which is your entitlement.

He or she will ensure all the evidence provided is suitable for this type of claim. This makes the whole damages claim process so much quicker.

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