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Making a Claim for Suspension Damage After a Car Crash

Suspension damage is less likely to be caused by a car crash, unless it was catastrophic. The main replaceable parts are the four shock absorbers and the accompanying struts. They are also the most expensive things to repair on your own car.

You will want to obtain compensation from whoever was responsible for fixing the highway as cuts in road and highway maintenance can result in significant hazards like holes that can damage the suspension.

Talk to an attorney if you encounter official or non-official obstructive practices. Some insurers will take advantage of your lack of knowledge of the law.

Government agencies that may be in charge of highway maintenance may deny responsibility, causing the plaintiff to seek useful evidence about the damage from elsewhere.

The Cost of Fixing Damaged Suspension After a Car Accident

The main cost of repairing damaged suspension is the replacement of your car’s shock absorbers. The cost can vary from car yard to car yard.

Just one shock absorber may cost anything between $200 and $1,000. The latter may be for 4 shock absorbers and transport back to the point of origin.

Owners of higher end vehicles may have unique parts and this can put the cost up to anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000 for all 4 shocks.

Evidence is Required to Prove Fault in an Accident That Has Caused Damaged Suspension

All personal injury and car damage claims do need evidence that you no longer enjoy the right to have your car at your disposal. Take photos and any other identification for items that have been damaged at the scene of the crash.

Making a Claim for Suspension Damage After a Car Crash

Eye witnesses are valuable evidence, especially if the person who can remember the events at the crash scene is prepared to make a statement. There may have been a police report if they had attended the crash site.

The suspension itself may provide useful evidence that it was damaged by poor road maintenance rather than another road user.

Reasons to Work With an Attorney

Winning a damage claim can be hard. The insurance adjuster may detect hesitation and make it hard to make a sensible claim.

Most insurers are reluctant to admit that their client behaved in a negligent way. You may find that engaging a personal injury attorney makes it easier to obtain your rightful compensation.

The more parts that have sustained damage, the more expensive the final repair bill and this may be the tipping point propelling you to find an experienced attorney to help you with legal work.

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