What to Include in My Rollover Accident Claim

When drivers drive off in their vehicles they typically expect to be able to get to their destination safely. Unfortunately, sometimes things go wrong and an accident takes place. Rollover accidents are some of the worst types of accidents that can happen as the results are totally unpredictable.

These sorts of accidents are typically caused by the negligent behavior of other drivers, such as speeding, distracted driver and fatigue when full attention isn’t paid to driving. You are either hit by the other driver or are forced to swerve off the road to avoid being hit.

When this happens and you are seriously injured and the vehicle is damaged, it might be possible to win a personal injury claim from the at-fault driver’s insurer to compensate you for the financial hardship caused by the rollover accident.

What is an Auto Claim?

An auto accident claim is when you file for compensation from the at-fault driver’s insurer for the financial hardship caused to you by the rollover accident. This typically includes the full cost of your medical treatment and any passenger in your vehicle that was injured, the cost of repairs to the vehicle damaged, an amount calculated by the at-fault driver’s insurer for pain and suffering which includes both physical pain and emotional suffering including quite often loss of enjoyment of life. Sometimes punitive damages can be included in a PI claim especially if a high degree of negligence was the cause of the rollover accident. Overall for a PI claim to be successful the quality of the evidence often determines the success of the claim and the amount the compensation is likely to be.

Evidence Required for an Auto Accident PI Claim

There are some vital bits of evidence that are sought by the at-fault driver’s insurer and one of the most important is the police report. This is because it is an accurate account of the accident and may include who was to blame or give an opinion about the reason for the accident. The police report is an official document and is taken more seriously by insurers.

On top of this key evidence, it is also important to include other evidence such as:

  • eye witnesses’ written accounts of the rollover accident;
  • photographs taken at the rollover accident site;
  • surveillance camera footage;
  • your doctor’s report describing your injuries and estimated recovery time;
  • receipts for medical treatment you have already paid for.

As soon as you think you have adequate evidence to support your personal injury claim you should talk to an attorney who will advise you of your next move.

What to Include in My Rollover Accident Claim

Speak with an Attorney

An experienced lawyer can help you file a successful personal injury claim and get you the compensation you deserve. The attorney will ensure your evidence is acceptable for the at-fault driver’s insurer so that you have maximum chance of winning a successful PI claim. You will not normally have to worry about paying legal fees until a successful settlement has been reached.

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