Five Things to Do After Debris Damaged Your Car

Sometimes debris can hit a car and cause damage. Debris damage isn’t the same as a car crash, so maintaining the right documentation and proving your damages can be much more challenging than it is when you have been involved in a car crash.

You will need to gather up evidence and documentation to support your claim, so you can show who is responsible for the damages that you have suffered because of the falling debris. Debris can lead to a variety of damages that cause the need for expensive repairs.

Here are five things that you should do if debris damaged your car:

1. Call the police. You will want to ensure they make a report and that your incident was on record. The officer will inspect the damage, see the proof of the debris, and be able to make written record that details what happened. With the accident report that details the incident, you are much more likely to succeed with your personal injury claim. The responding officer will investigate the accident and try to determine what happened and who is liable.

2. Get photos of the damage and of the accident scene. Try to get images of the debris as well as the damage your vehicle sustained. These photos can provide the supporting evidence that convinces the insurance company about liability and who is responsible for the damages that resulted.

3. Try to find witnesses. If anyone saw your car being hit by the debris, ask them to provide written statements in which they detail what they saw, what happened, how it happened, and what resulted. You will want them to include their names and contact details as well because your personal injury lawyer and the insurance companies will most likely need to contact them again.

Debris Fell Off A Truck And Hit My Car, Who’s Responsible?

4. Look to see if a camera caught the incident on video. There are surveillance cameras, dash cameras, and traffic cameras located in different areas. If one of these cameras caught your incident on video, it could make a significant difference in your personal injury claim.

5. Work with a personal injury lawyer. Personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis, which means your lawyer will not be paid until you receive a judgement on your claim or you are compensated for your losses. There is a strict statute of limitations for pursuing a personal injury claim. If you wait too long, you will not be compensated for your losses.

Your accident injury lawyer will make sure everything is filed in a timely manner. With the right preparation and protecting your documentation and evidence, you can have a successful personal injury claim and get your damages covered after debris has damaged your car.

You will need to ensure you do everything that you can to protect your rights and that all evidence has been protected. Complete the Free Case Evaluation Form at the top of this page to have the details of your personal injury claim reviewed by an personal injury lawyer who practices in your area.

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