Will a Lawyer Take My Case if I Was Hit by a City Vehicle?

If you were hit by a vehicle that was owned and operated by the city, then you have the right to demand compensation if you were injured, or if your property, such as your own car, was damaged. Claims against the city are not quite as straightforward as those against private individuals or businesses. They take longer and it is important to follow an established procedure carefully and present any documentation that supports your claim. You will find that you will have a better chance of obtaining the sort of compensation you deserve if you have a lawyer representing you.

Examples of Accidents Involving City Vehicles

Every city has a number of departments and agencies, which have vehicles at their disposal. There may be key service vehicles owned by the city such as fire engines, police cars and hospital vehicles. Any one of these could be involved in an accident if a driver failed to keep a proper look out or made a hasty decision while driving. Accidents don’t just take place on the roads. You could be hit by a city vehicle while walking on a sidewalk, crossing the road or back to your car in a parking lot. Emergency vehicles do have the right to drive faster than the speed limit and break normal traffic rules when responding to an emergency, but their drivers must still take precautions to avoid hitting anyone while under way.

Pursuing a Claim Against the City

Claims against a city agency or department follow state rules on suing government entities within the state. Each state has different rules and because the time limits imposed, particularly submitting the initial “notice of claim,” is usually quite short, it is important to start the process of making a claim as early as possible. Usually you do not file a claim with the driver of the vehicle that hit you, but the agency he or she worked for in the city administration. You first file a notice of claim, or an intent to file a claim, and submit what proof you have that the driver was acting in a negligent way. The city agency will either respond and accept the claim or, more likely, not respond at all, or deny the claim. After a certain time period you are free to file a personal injury claim against the city.

Will a Lawyer Take My Case if I Was Hit by a City Vehicle?

Will a Lawyer Take My Case?

Most claims against a city entity tend to be quite complicated legally. You are strongly advised to talk to a lawyer before filing a claim. Most personal injury lawyers will provide an initial free consultation and will take your case if there is a reasonable chance that it will succeed. Legal fees are usually deferred until a settlement is negotiated and then taken out of the compensation payment. It is best to be prepared when you visit a lawyer, take with you whatever evidence you have that demonstrates that the city vehicle driver was to blame and whatever evidence you have that shows you can justify what you are demanding in compensation.

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