Will a Lawyer Take My Case if a Driver Didn’t Use a Turn Signal?

There are so many possible distractions while out driving on busy highways that drivers don’t always follow the road rules which help to prevent an accident taking place. If you are in the process of overtaking a vehicle and then that vehicle suddenly turns at the same time but didn’t use the turn signal this will likely involve a crash because you would be unable to avoid the car and prevent an accident taking place.

Clearly, this is not your fault, so you may be able to file a personal injury claim for compensation to cover the cost of your injuries and damage to your vehicle. Even though you know you weren’t to blame it’s important to get a personal injury attorney to file the claim on your behalf.

This will help to ensure you get the full value of your financial hardship caused by the accident. Your attorney will only take on your case if there is a high possibility of winning a claim.

The Damages You May Be Entitled to if the Other Driver Failed to Use a Turn Signal

Accidents which take place on busy highways and when cars are overtaking one another almost always involve speed and serious injuries. This means there is not only damage to the vehicle that you should be able to claim but also the following:

  • the cost of all medical treatment up to the time of full recovery;
  • loss of earnings while you are unable to work;
  • an amount calculated for pain and suffering which depends on the severity of your injuries;
  • punitive damages if you can prove the driver deliberately caused the accident.

The success of your claim will depend on the amount of evidence you provide to show the accident wasn’t your fault.

Will a Lawyer Take My Case if a Driver Didn’t Use a Turn Signal?

Evidence You May Require to File a PI Claim for an Accident Caused by No Turn Signal

No Personal injury claim is likely to be successful unless there is good evidence to prove who caused the accident. The evidence you may need includes:

  • a police report from the officer who attended the accident;
  • witnesses’ reports that prove you weren’t at fault;
  • photographic evidence of the accident scene;
  • a doctor’s report detailing your injuries and expected recovery time;
  • receipts for medical treatment;
  • receipts for car repairs.

Your attorney will compile your personal injury claim and will include all the evidence required to help ensure your claim is a success. As there is a statute of limitations in force in most states your attorney will ensure you don’t miss this deadline.

Will a Lawyer Take My Case?

Most PI lawyers will take on a case after careful assessment of its chance of succeeding. There are very few insurers who will release money quickly to you unless a personal injury lawyer is working on your behalf.

Your lawyer will ensure all the evidence provided can’t be disputed. This means you will get your settlement far faster than if you filed it on your own. Fill in the Free Case Evaluation form below to get your personal injury claim on track as soon as possible.

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