Will a Lawyer Take My Case If Someone Ran a Red Light and Hit Me?

Intersections are some of the commonest places for vehicle accidents. At a controlled intersection, the traffic lights should prevent accidents from happening and generally they do, but every now and again someone tries to run a red light, either because they are in a hurry, overestimate their ability to cross the intersection safely or because they are fleeing the police. If you are hit by a driver who has run a red light, you should be able to pursue compensation as long as the other driver was insured. Proving that the other driver was at fault should be easier than some other types of accidents but you may still decide to use a personal injury attorney to help you through the claim process.

Injuries After an Accident at an Intersection Controlled by Lights

If you are hit by another driver at an intersection, you are most likely to be hit on the side as the other driver running a red light would have approached from that direction. Unfortunately, the other driver might have been traveling fast trying to get through the red light before the other vehicles could begin moving on green. The severity of any injuries in this sort of accident depend on exactly where the crash took place, the relative size and weight of the two vehicles and their relative speed.

The only consolation is that you were probably only driving quite slowly when the crash took place.

Side-on or t-bone accidents as they are also called, can be very serious and there is also the possibility that the impact pushes you or the other vehicle into other vehicles at the intersection causing a multi vehicle pile-up.

What to Do After an Accident at a Controlled Intersection

What you can do immediately after a side on crash depends on how badly you were injured. You may be injured so badly that you need hospital treatment as soon as possible. To make a claim against the driver who hit you, you will need proof that he or she was at fault. If not too badly injured you may be able to make a note of eye witnesses and take photos of the two vehicles at the crash scene.

What if I'm Rear-Ended by a Driver Expressing Road Rage?

If you are unable to do this you should make sure you get a copy of the police report when it is made available, as well as a report from the car yard where your vehicle is taken. The damage report should reveal what happened at the intersection together with the police report, photos and hopefully some eye witness statements. Some intersections have cameras installed so there may also be evidence available showing the exact moment of the impact.

Will a Lawyer Take My Case?

You are always advised to contact a personal injury lawyer after any kind of accident when you are considering making an insurance claim. PI lawyers have dealt with claims like this many times before and it can save you time as well as a better chance of obtaining the right amount of compensation. Lawyers will assess the chances of winning a PI claim before committing to taking your case, but an accident of this type should be relatively easy to negotiate a satisfactory settlement.

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