Will a Lawyer Take My Case if Someone Slashed My Tires?

When you return to your car and to your horror you find someone has slashed your tires you would probably look in disbelief and wonder who and why this was done to you. If all four tires are damaged it was probably done deliberately and you may be able to cover the cost of replacing the slashed tires by filing a personal injury claim. These claims are never easy to win and you will need a personal injury attorney to work on your behalf to get the full value of the damage done to your vehicle. A personal injury attorney will never pursue a claim unless there is a high chance of success.

Damages You May Be Entitled to If Someone Slashed Your Tires

There are several components to a personal injury claim and in the case of your car’s tires being slashed you may be entitled to claim the full cost of the damage to your vehicle. What you are likely to get will depend on the amount of evidence you have and if you have the name of the person who committed the act of slashing your tires. This you may be able to obtain from statements written by witnesses who saw your car’s tires being slashed. It’s worthwhile trying to get some evidence from surveillance cameras that may have been installed in the area. If it was a malicious act caused by someone you know then it will be easier to corroborate who slashed your tires.

Evidence You May Need to File a PI Claim for Slashed Tires

As soon as you discover your tires have been slashed you should call the police and report the incident. You can include the police report as part of your evidence. You should take photos of the damage done to your vehicle. Next, you should look around to see if there is anyone living or working nearby who saw the event take place. Also if you see a webcam operating in the area you should try and view the photos taken to see if there is any useful evidence. If you find any witnesses you should get their contact details so your attorney can contact them for statements. These are the main bits of evidence you can use in this type of damages claim which you should present to your attorney.

My Tires Were Slashed. Can I File a Claim?

Will a Lawyer Take My Case?

A PI lawyer will assess the chances of success if you file a claim before agreeing to take on your case. It’s vital to have an attorney to file your PI claim on your behalf as when it comes to approaching insurers trying to submit a claim on your own will be too difficult as insurers will think up any excuse not to honor your claim. Also, you don’t want too many delays as most states have a statute of limitations in force which limits the time given to file a PI claim.

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