Will a Lawyer Take My Case If USPS* Hit My Parked Car?

When you park your car to go to work or do your daily shop, whether it’s alongside the sidewalk or in a parking lot, the last thing you would expect to happen is for a delivery truck to hit your parked car. However, these things do happen and a lawyer will take up your case for damages as long as you can provide sufficient evidence to prove the driver was at fault.

Damages You May Be Entitled to if a Delivery Truck Hits You While Parked

Filing a damage claim against a government entity like the USPS, or any other delivery service, is not so straightforward as filing one against and individual or private concern. You will usually need to send in a notice of claim, which is typically rejected.

It’s this rejection which is the basis for starting a personal injury claim. The damages you should be able to claim will be dependent on whether you were in the parked car when the USPS truck hit your vehicle and you were injured. If you were in the car you may include the following in your PI claim:

  • the cost of repairing the damage to your car;
  • the cost of medical treatment now and into the future;
  • any lost wages due to your inability to work;
  • an amount for pain and suffering depending on the severity of your injuries and how the impact of them affects your daily life;
  • punitive damages can be calculated if the USPS driver’s behavior was particularly negligent.

Evidence You May Need to File a PI Claim When a Delivery Truck Hits Your Parked Car

The evidence proving the accident by a truck was the driver’s fault needs to be foolproof before any lawyer is will consider taking up your case. This may include any of the following:

  • photographs taken showing the USPS truck at the accident scene;
  • eye witness accounts;
  • photo evidence from nearby webcams if available;
  • receipts showing medical treatment you have paid for so far;
  • if a police officer attended the accident his/her report showing the driver caused the accident is a valuable bit of evidence;
  • likely medical treatment in the future and an estimate of its cost;
  • car damage repair receipt;
  • your employer’s assessment of lost wages.

Will a Lawyer Take My Case?

What could limit winning a PI claim is if you have missed the statute of limitations deadline for state entities which is only 2 years. You have a far higher chance of matching this deadline if a PI lawyer works on your behalf.

Most PI lawyers will want to discuss your case before agreeing to take it on. Most work on a contingency fee arrangement so do not collect legal fees unless a settlement is successfully negotiated. Fill in the Free Case Evaluation form below and get your personal injury claim against the delivery truck service moving before it’s too late.

*Disclaimer: The content of this article serves only to provide information and should not be construed as legal advice. If you file a claim against the USPS, or any other party, you may not be entitled to any compensation.

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