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Do You Need a Lawyer If Your Bike is Damaged in an Accident?

More people are enjoying cycling on the roads today. As a cyclist, you should make visibility a priority. Often, crashes are caused by drivers failing to see cyclists.

But even when you make yourself visible and adhere to traffic laws, you can still be involved in a crash. If you have been involved in a crash caused by a negligent driver who damaged your bike, you should talk with a personal injury lawyer about pursuing a personal injury claim.

Bicycle Damaged in a Crash

Bicycles can vary in price. You might be using a $150 bike, or you might have a $3,000 bike. The cost of repairing your bike can vary significantly. It depends on the point of impact and the severity of the damages. You might have to replace your entire bike. It might be viewed as a total loss.

If your bicycle was damaged in a crash, you should get photos of the damaged bike. If possible, get photos of the accident scene. You need to maintain documentation to support your claim, such as copies of repair estimates or proof of the cost of a replacement bike.

You should also keep any other documentation that shows your losses. This might include medical bills and proof of lost wages.

Documenting Cyclist Crash Personal Injury Lawyer

How to Prove You Weren’t at Fault for the Crash

To win your personal injury claim, you will need to show that the other driver was negligent. There are four elements of negligence that must be met. Here is an example scenario:

You were cycling down the road when a driver who was texting got too close to you and hit your bike with the side mirror, causing you to crash. That crash caused you to suffer injuries that required medical care and left you with a damaged bike.

First, the driver owed you a duty to proceed safely while on the road and to protect you from harm. Next, that driver breached that duty when he was texting behind the wheel.

Then because the driver was texting and breached his duty, it caused the crash. And lastly, that crash resulted in documented damages that caused you financial and non-financial losses. You will need to provide the supporting documentation to show your losses.

Consult With a Personal Injury Lawyer

If your bicycle suffered damages in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you should consult with a personal injury attorney who handles accident injury claims. Personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis, which means your lawyer will not be paid until you are compensated for your losses.

With the help of a lawyer, your rights will be protected, and you will be treated fairly. The odds of a successful claim increase significantly with the help of an accident injury lawyer on your side. Complete the Free Case Evaluation Form to have the details of your case reviewed by a personal injury lawyer in your area.

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