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Do You Need an Attorney if You Were Hit by a Bus?

If you have been in an accident with a bus and you have been injured seriously enough to require medical treatment and time off work to recover you may be entitled to file a personal injury compensation claim against the bus driver who caused the accident. Accidents with buses are more complicated when it comes to PI claims as it depends whether the bus is private or state operated. You will need a PI attorney to help you get the compensation you deserve.

Difference Between Private and Public Buses When Filing a PI Claim

You can file a PI claim against a negligent bus driver whether he or she is driving a state owned bus or a private bus. It’s far easier if it’s a private bus because you have a longer time to file your claim, often up to 2 years. If you have had an accident with a city bus you will be filing your PI claim with a government entity. With all government entities this means filing an initial notice of claim first before you are able to file a personal injury claim. In some states, like California, this needs to be done within 6 months of the accident taking place. This doesn’t give you much time if you need to recover from the injury before filing the PI claim.

What to do When Hit by a Bus

As soon as the accident has taken place with a bus, whether it’s private or government operated, you should ensure you get all the details that prove the accident wasn’t your fault. Take down the name of the bus driver, the bus company and the bus registration number. If you are able take photos of the accident scene. You should also get the contact details of anyone who witnessed the accident. The police officer who attended the accident should have written a report and you may be able to get a copy. You will need as much evidence as possible to prove who or what caused the bus accident.

Do you need an attorney if hit by a bus?

The Process for Filing a PI Claim for an Accident with a Bus

As soon as you have all the evidence at your fingertips you may be asked to get a medical report from your doctor. This will show the at-fault driver’s insurer the extent of your injuries and your likely recovery time. The next thing you need to do is contact an experienced PI attorney.

Why You Need a PI Attorney

Because you are filing a PI claim with the at fault driver’s insurer they will be slow to process your claim as no insurer is eager to give away cash easily. An experienced PI attorney knows only too well how difficult insurers are when filing a PI claim and will ensure the demand letter and the evidence is foolproof so that your claim is unlikely to be denied. This means you will get the compensation far quicker and more easily and with less stress if than if you file the claim alone.

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