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Do I Need a Lawyer If a Driver Merging Claimed I Am at Fault?

Merging accidents are some of the worst accidents to take place on freeways and highways throughout the country. This is because the vehicles are moving at high speeds and when conditions change and a vehicle tries to merge into a lane without warning there is a high chance an accident may take place. If you have been blamed for a merging accident that wasn’t your fault and you have the evidence to prove it you should contact a personal injury attorney to help you clear your name.

What Happens in a Merging Accident

Any vehicles that are using busy freeways and highways to get from place to place will typically be trying to get the driving over as quickly as possible. To do this they may need to merge in and out of the road’s lanes to achieve their goals.

Most drivers who see a turn signal in their rear mirror will react by taking care as the driver merges in front of them. If they weren’t to do so there would be a higher chance of a serious accident taking place with devastating injuries which are likely to occur on impact with the merging vehicle.

If the merging driver sees there is no room to merge s/he should not continue to merge but should wait for a gap in the traffic flow to become available. It’s unlikely the car behind will be at fault unless s/he failed to heed the turn signal and hit the gas pedal causing an accident to take place.

Possible Injuries From a Merging Accident

As merging accidents usually take place when a vehicle is being driven at a high speed the injuries are likely to be serious and even life threatening. They could include:

  • chest injuries;
  • traumatic brain injuries;
  • broken arms and legs;
  • damaged internal organs;
  • serious life altering spinal injuries.

Do I Need a Lawyer If a Driver Merging Claimed I Am at Fault?

Filing a PI Claim For a Merging Accident

The most important features of a PI claim is the evidence which proves who caused the merging accident. If you were accused of causing a merging accident because you didn’t respond to the merging vehicle when it slipped into the lane in front of you it’s important to get the right evidence to show that the merging driver was at-fault.

Most insurers when they make a decision about a PI claim look at the police report written by the attending police officer. If the at-fault merging driver is trying to pass the blame onto you for the accident, the accident’s police report may stop that taking place.

There are other pieces of evidence that may be vital to prove who caused the merging accident and that’s reports from eyewitnesses and photographs taken as the accident was taking place and at the scene of the accident. If you believe the evidence will support your case you can go ahead with filing a PI claim to cover the financial hardship you have to put up with due to an accident and injury that was not your fault.

Why You Need a PI Lawyer For a Merging Accident

A PI attorney has the experience to win PI claims and insurers will react more positively and be more cooperative if they know a PI attorney is working on your behalf. Trying to file a claim on your own may lead to the claim’s process taking longer and the settlement you receive may not fully cover your financial hardship. Complete the Free Case Evaluation to speak with a personal injury lawyer who may be able to help your claim!

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