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Do You Need an Attorney--Merging Vehicle, No Turn Signal?

All merging vehicles have the potential to cause accidents if they don’t warn traffic prior to making a turn. If you have been hit by a merging vehicle and you have been injured and you know the accident was not your fault you may be entitled to file a personal injury compensation claim to cover you for the financial hardship caused in the accident. You may need a PI attorney to help to recover the compensation you deserve.

What Happens When a Merging Vehicle Driver Fails to Give a Turn Signal?

When driving on a busy freeway vehicles are constantly merging into traffic as they progress towards their destination. To ensure all drivers can move safely on the freeway and merge in and out of traffic lanes turn signals are used to warn other freeway users. If a driver fails to use a turn signal no warning is given to vehicles in front so a crash could take place as it’s too late for other vehicles to respond to the merging driver.

Accidents at this sort of speed could cause devastating life threatening injuries that could affect the victims for the rest of their lives. If you have been the victim of a merging accident because a driver failed to use a turn signal you may be eligible for PI compensation.

Do I Need a Lawyer If a Driver Merging Claimed I Am at Fault?

Injuries Likely in a Merging Accident Without a Turn Signal

Any accident on a fast freeway is likely to cause serious injuries to the victims. These could include:

  • Facial lacerations and permanent scarring;
  • Serious spinal damage and even quadriplegia;
  • Traumatic brain injuries;
  • Badly broken bones;
  • Emotional trauma.

All these injuries will need medical treatment and long recovery times making it important to file a PI claim from the at-fault driver.

The Process for Filing a PI Claim in a Merging Accident

One of the most important features of a PI claim is having sound evidence that proves the merging accident wasn’t your fault. You may need all of the following evidence:

  • Witnesses’ reports of the accident that supports your claim;
  • A police report that names the at-fault driver;
  • A medical report describing your injuries and likely recovery time;
  • Photos at the accident scene that show you weren’t to blame.
  • As soon as you are sure you have enough evidence you should be able to submit a PI claim to cover the cost of all your medical treatment until full recovery has taken place, a percentage of your lost earnings and an amount for pain and suffering calculated based on how much physical and emotional pain you have to endure due to the merging accident. The last and most important thing you need to do is contact a personal injury attorney.

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