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Are You Not Sure Whether to Sue a Driver or Truck Company?

Truck accidents are bad news if you happen to be unfortunate to experience one. It is very important that if your car has been written off and you have serious bills to pay that you claim compensation.

However, every truck accident is different and if you are unconscious or badly injured because of the crash it may be hard to know who was at fault.

Statistically, most truck crashes are the fault of the truck driver, but the truck company may be partly, or wholly, to blame. A personal injury lawyer can help you pinpoint who to aim your claim at. You won’t receive any compensation if you get this wrong!

Damages You May Receive After a Truck Accident

Truck crashes are all different, but most tend to be more serious than collisions with lighter vehicles.

It is likely that your car will be damaged, possibly permanently, and you will certainly want to claim for repairs or replacement It is also likely that anyone in your car, especially those at the front, including you, will be badly hurt.

Facial injuries, head injuries, broken bones and severe cuts and gashes are typical serious injuries that can result from being hit by a truck.

You will be looking at making the at-fault party’s insurer pay for all your medical treatment, including any future treatment. You will also want to recover any lost earnings and perhaps a payment to compensate for the pain and suffering experienced.

Tips For Dealing With a Truck Company if Their Truck Hits You

Why Consider a Lawyer?

Truck collisions are often very serious and you will need to get your compensation claim sorted out properly. It can be hard to know who exactly was at fault in a truck accident.

For example, the tires might have been worn or one tire shredded because it was made of poor materials. That would implicate the truck company rather than the driver, but the driver may also be partly to blame if he or she knew that some of the truck’s important parts were not good enough.

Whatever the circumstances, you can bet that the truck company will try and protect itself as well as its driver. They will use their own lawyers and a complicit insurance provider to challenge your claim.

You are strongly advised to have a lawyer of your own to represent you in any dealings with the truck company, its driver, or their respective insurers.

Work With a PI Lawyer Today

You should not be concerned about hiring a lawyer to provide legal assistance. Your chances of determining who was to blame and obtaining sufficient compensation will be immeasurably improved with an experienced personal injury lawyer.

Most PI lawyers defer legal fees until a satisfactory settlement is reached so you won’t have to pay any up-front fees.

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