What’s The Average Settlement for a Truck Crash?

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident involving a truck that has left you with injuries, you are most likely wondering what is the average settlement for a truck crash? The injuries and damages that result from a two-vehicle crash can be serious.

When a commercial truck is added into the accident, the damages can be much more serious. A commercial truck is much larger and heavier than the traditional passenger vehicle. And, if that truck is hauling tons of cargo, the damages are going to be even worse.

There Is No Average Settlement for a Truck Crash

There are many things to give consideration when a truck crash is being settled. Just because it involves a bigger vehicle does not automatically mean there is a bigger settlement. Consider that the accident is trucker’s fault and that is obvious. There are a few things that help you get the idea regarding the average settlement for a truck crash like you have been involved in. These are the things that must be reviewed and considered:

  • The total cost of your medical expenses
  • Lost wages from missed work
  • Compensation for any lost earnings
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of companionship – if someone is seriously injured or has died
  • Vehicle or property damage expenses

All of these are figured together when calculating the fair value of your claim.

What’s The Average Settlement for a Truck Crash?

Settlement Factors for Truck Accidents

When the overall dynamics of a truck accident settlement is considered, there are several other factors that will come into play. Here are the four primary things considered when reaching a settlement for a truck crash:

  • Liability – The laws regarding negligence vary from one state to another. Because of this, your compensation can be reduced based on the amount of percentage of fault you are assigned. As an example, if you are 40% at fault for the accident, you will not receive the same compensation as if you were 10% at fault. Your percentage of fault can also keep you from being compensated by the trucking company’s insurance. In many states, you must prove that the trucking company or its driver was 51% at fault or more.
  • Severity of injuries – Because many trucking accidents lead to a higher monetary claim, the severity of injuries will be carefully reviewed by the insurance company and the attorney. More serious injuries will much more likely get a higher monetary settlement than less serious injuries. Be aware that your medical history will be thoroughly researched, and the insurance company will search for prior injuries.
  • Fatalities – Because of the weight and physics involved in a semi crash, the odds of a fatality resulting increase significantly. About 1 out of every 10 deaths on the roads result from a truck crash. If a death results, a wrongful death lawsuit results and sometimes even criminal charges are filed against the truck driver.
  • Larger Policies – Another factor that comes into play is there will be a larger amount of money available. A commercial trucking company is going to have about a $1 million liability policy, which is much higher than the funds available on a traditional passenger vehicle.

Consult With An Attorney

If you have been involved in a truck accident, consult with a personal injury attorney about the average settlement for a truck crash. Use the form on this page to be connected with a personal injury attorney for a free case evaluation.

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