Slip and Fall Accident Scenarios

Slip and fall accidents can occur indoors or out, and on public, private, or government property. Different circumstances can cause accidents and various people may be involved or at fault.

It can be difficult to know whether or not you even have a claim without seeking legal assistance. Determining fault and knowing how to proceed are just a couple of the areas in which a lawyer can help you with the different accident scenarios that follow.

Stores and Businesses

Slip and fall accidents may occur inside or outside of stores or other businesses due to dangerous or defective property. Slippery floors that are not clearly marked with warning signs are one of the most common causes of accidents. Damaged floors, stairs, sidewalks, or other surfaces also commonly cause visitors to trip or fall.

An attorney can assist you in discovering how long the property has been in disrepair. They can help you determine if the business has a history of maintenance issues. They can also help you locate witnesses and get statements about the incident. At larger stores or places of business, attorneys can be especially helpful.

Stores and other businesses may rent from a landlord or may own their properties. An attorney can help you determine who is responsible for the property and for your injuries due to dangerous or defective property.

Private Property

If the accident results from defective or damaged property on a rental premises, then fault usually resides with the landlord. If the accident happens because of stuff left lying around or other circumstances created by the renter, then the renter may at fault. In some cases, renters and landlords may share responsibility, like when a renter does not inform their landlord of property issues, but the landlord also fails to regularly inspect the property.

Whether a slip and fall occurs on the sidewalk or driveway or inside a house or building, an attorney can help you determine who is liable for your injuries when an accident occurs on private property.

Public Premises

When slip and fall accidents occur in public places it can be hard to know who is responsible for upkeep and maintenance of the property and who is at fault for the injuries you suffer. City sidewalks, streets, and other public venues are inspected, maintained, and repaired by civil government organizations or departments. It is ultimately the city, town, county, or other municipality that is responsible for overseeing and ensuring the safety of these public venues though.

Property that is in disrepair, like potholes in crosswalks and cracks or breaks in sidewalks can cause pedestrian injuries. An attorney can help you navigate the personal injury claims process, including knowing who to name in a claim or lawsuit.

Check out how to proceed with a slip and fall claim in various situations and scenarios: