Personal Injury Claims Involving a Slip and Fall Accident at a Baseball Park

While enjoying your favorite team play a game at a baseball park, the last thing you should worry about is being seriously injured. If you slip and fall at a baseball park or other sports stadium, your injuries may qualify you for compensation from the owner of the park to compensate for lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering. A personal injury claim can help to make sure you are awarded the damages you deserve and help you get back on your feet.

A slip and fall accident is a premise liability case, meaning any legal action is carried out against the owner of the property. The most important determination in this type of personal injury claim is who is at fault for your accident, whether it is the owner of the baseball park, another fan or group of fans, or even yourself. To file a successful personal injury claim against the owner of a baseball park, you must be able to prove that the owner was negligent, meaning that they did something wrong that led to your accident and injuries.

Take the example of the bathrooms at a baseball park. Say another fan spills a cup of their beverage on the bathroom floor while walking into a stall and you walk by a few minutes later, slipping on the spill and spraining your ankle. The owner of the park would not be negligent in this situation because one cup of a spilled beverage is not an unreasonable slippery condition, and because the owner didn’t even know about the spill or have a chance to clean it up before you slipped and fell.

On the other hand, there are cases when the owner could be negligent. With excessive and constant use, it is safe to say that the bathrooms in a baseball park are constantly slippery and wet. If the floors of the bathroom are constantly slippery and wet game after game, the owner of the park has reasonable notice to put an ordinance of cleaning protocols in place. If they choose to leave the floors slippery and never have someone clean them, they could be determined negligent and they could be found responsible for your slip and fall accident.

Of course, if it is found that you were acting exceedingly careless in the event of your accident, the owner will most likely not be found liable for your damages. This can include situations in which you were intoxicated, texting while walking, or a similar distraction.

Filing a personal injury claim against the owner of a baseball park or other sporting stadium can be a complicated process. You might want to consider retaining a personal injury lawyer. Having the help of a personal injury lawyer can ensure that your claim is filed correctly and that you ask for the right amount of damages. They can help you negotiate with the owner’s insurance company or file a lawsuit if necessary.