Can a Cyclist Make a PI Claim After a Left Cross Accident?

If cyclists attempt to share a public highway with other vehicles, they run the risk of being hit by impatient, aggressive or careless drivers.

One common accident that happens every day somewhere in the U.S. is a ‘left cross’ accident. This type of accident typically happens at an intersection where a driver turns left and hits a cyclist riding in a forwards direction.

Assuming the cyclist had the right of way, then this makes the driver liable for a personal injury claim if the cyclist was injured or his or her bicycle damaged, or both. The only consolation is that left cross accidents don’t often happen at speed, which helps to reduce the severity of potential injuries.

Any injured victim of a left cross accident has the right to claim compensation from a negligent vehicle driver. An experienced personal injury attorney can help with claims of this type.

Left Cross Accident Scenarios

There are different variations on a theme, but the most common left cross scenario is at an intersection or when a cyclist is passing a turning or side road and is hit by a driver approaching from the other direction and who fails to yield the right of way. If the cyclist is partially or fully hidden from view by a vehicle in front of them traveling in the same direction, then it may be harder for drivers approaching from the other direction to see the,. However, this is not an excuse for hitting a cyclist when turning left.

Apart from not seeing the cyclist crossing the turn pathway, other reasons for a left cross accident include:

  • driver failing to judge how fast the cyclist was riding;
  • driver assuming that the cyclist would stop to allow the vehicle to pass in front;
  • driver being aggressive or intimidating;
  • driver not concerned with the cyclist’s safety;
  • driver was speeding.

Can a Cyclist Make a PI Claim After a Left Cross Accident?

Injuries Caused From Being Hit in a Left Cross Accident

As a left cross accident invariably means that the cyclist will be hit from the side, or the front, it is most likely that the force of the impact will throw them off their bicycle. Injuries could include any combination of the following:

  • scratches, minor cuts and bruises;
  • broken bones;
  • dislocated joints, such as shoulder, hip, elbow and knee;
  • teeth knocked out;
  • head injuries, including very serious traumatic brain injuries;
  • spinal injuries and other back injuries.

Obtaining Compensation After Being Hit in a Left Cross Accident

Like any personal injury case, you will need evidence that the driver who hit you was negligent. Other road users who saw the accident and may have helped you after you were hit could be valuable witnesses.

Their evidence could be crucial if you decide to file a personal injury claim. Photos, a copy of a police report, a doctor’s report on your injuries, documentation from medical facilities, the damage bill for your bicycle and a careful calculation of a pain and suffering amount are all important evidence when you submit a claim against the driver’s insurance policy.

How a Lawyer Can Help With a PI Claim

You would think that a left cross accident would be easy to claim compensation for, but in practice, most personal injury claims take time, patience and plenty of sound evidence. You are advised to discuss the accident, your injuries and the prospects of obtaining compensation with a personal injury attorney before submitting a claim. Complete the Free Case Evaluation on this page to consult with a personal injury lawyer in your area!

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