Blood Clot on Brain From an Auto Accident

Hundreds of thousands of people suffer injuries in car crashes every year. Some of those injuries are more serious than others. A blood clot on the brain is a serious injury that might result from head trauma in a car accident.

If you were injured in a car crash caused by someone else’s carelessness or negligence, you can pursue a personal injury claim to recoup compensation for your damages.

A Blood Clot On The Brain Could Be Life-Altering

Blood clots and hematomas are the result of blood vessels being damaged and blood clotting outside that vessel. Bleeding in the brain from such injuries can be life-threatening or life-changing.

A blood clot on the brain might lead to taking prescription drugs, brain surgery, regular CT scans to monitor the brain and the activity, regular doctor’s appointments for months or even years to come, and rehabilitation therapy, including physical therapy, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, and counseling.

A blood clot on the brain can also result in death. There will be mounting medical bills, extended time off work, and the need for around-the-clock care.

All these expenses will add up. Keep thorough documentation, including receipts and medical bills to show your losses suffered because of the accident. Documentation and evidence are essential to a successful personal injury claim.

Determining The Other Driver’s Liability For The Crash That Caused A Blood Clot On The Brain

When you pursue damages through a personal injury claim, you will have to prove that without a doubt the other driver was liable. There are four elements of negligence – duty, breach of duty, causation, and damages.

As an example, everyone driving has a duty to adhere to traffic laws and drive responsibly. If a driver speeds, runs traffic lights or drives under the influence of alcohol, it is easy to prove that duty has been breached.

Blood Clot on Brain From an Auto Accident

If when running that stop light the other driver crashes into your car, then that has shown causation. Then last, you must prove your damages wouldn’t have resulted if there wasn’t a crash.

You will need to maintain medical bills, medical records, photos of injuries and damages, and other documentation to show your losses and to prove that you suffered because of the other driver’s negligence.

Consult With A Personal Injury Attorney

Talk with a personal injury lawyer if you suffered a blood clot on the brain after an auto accident. Your personal injury attorney will not be compensated until you have been compensated for your losses by a settlement or a judgment.

There is a strict statute of limitations, which is a time limit, for pursuing a personal injury claim after an accident. If you wait too long, you cannot recoup compensation for your losses.

To have the details of your personal injury claim for a blood clot on the brain reviewed by an accident injury attorney in your state, complete the Free Case Evaluation Form on this page today. Don’t wait too late.

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