Coma From an Auto Accident

If you or a loved one suffered a serious injury to the head, such as a traumatic brain injury, it could have resulted in a coma.

If a patient remains in a coma for a longer time period, his or her chances or recovery reduce greatly. The longer the coma, the greater the odds of entering a vegetative state.

If another driver’s negligence caused a coma, you can pursue compensation for your damages through a personal injury claim.

A Coma Could Have Lasting Effects

If a head injury is serious enough to cause coma, then there could be permanent brain damage.

Head trauma might cause vision problems, hearing difficulty, effect memory and concentration, or even lead to paralysis or loss of communication skills.

You could find yourself unable to work again. So, you will have mounting medical expenses and have the inability to bring home a paycheck and provide for your family.

The physical and mental effects could last a lifetime, and your entire family might suffer financially for the long-term because of your injuries.

Medical records, medical bills, repair estimates, proof of missed work and lost wages, photos of injuries and damages, a copy of the accident report, witness statements, and other supporting documentation can help you prove your damages and help you with a successful personal injury claim.

Determining The Other Driver’s Liability For The Crash That Caused A Coma

When a car accident results, you will need to prove liability for the crash. The at-fault driver is responsible for the damages that result. If you can show the other party is at-fault, then you have proven liability for the accident.

Coma From an Auto Accident

There are four elements of negligence and if you can show all four elements were met, you can receive compensation for your losses.

Every driver has a duty or a responsibility to adhere to traffic laws. If that duty is breached, the second element of negligence has been met. For example, if a driver was speeding and crashed into your vehicle from behind, then the duty has been breached.

The third element is showing that breach caused the crash, which in this situation, it would be obvious. The fourth element would be to show that your damages wouldn’t have resulted if the crash didn’t occur.

Consult With A Personal Injury Attorney

If you were in a coma because of a car crash caused by another driver, or if you have a loved one in a coma because of a crash caused by someone else’ s negligence, you should consult with a personal injury attorney right away.

Your odds of a successful claim increase significantly with the help of an accident injury lawyer. You have nothing to lose and no upfront costs because personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis.

Your attorney will not be paid until you are compensated by a judgment or a settlement. Complete the Free Case Evaluation Form on this page to get your case reviewed by an attorney in your state.

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