Whiplash From an Auto Accident

Whiplash is a common injury from auto accidents. It can be caused by any kind of impact, but it is more common from rear-end collisions or from T-bone accidents. Whiplash is a neck injury caused by force, so it will lead to extensive medical bills and time away from work. If you can show the other driver was negligent and that caused your whiplash, you can recover your losses through a personal injury claim with the help of a lawyer.

Whiplash Could Have Lasting Effects

Whiplash is caused by an aggressive, rapid back-and-forth movement of the neck. It is much like the cracking of a whip. There are many common symptoms of whiplash, including headaches, neck pain and stiffness.

While most patients with whiplash recover in a few weeks by following a personalized treatment plan involving exercise or physical therapy and medication, there are some that suffer from the injury on a chronic basis and have lasting complications.

Usually, whiplash symptoms become obvious within 24 hours of the accident. Usually, there is a loss of the range of motion in the neck, tenderness or pain in the shoulder and upper back, tingling or numbness in the arms, fatigue, neck stiffness, neck pain, worsening of pain when the neck is moved, dizziness, blurred vision, tinnitus, depression, sleep disturbances, difficulty concentrating, memory loss, and depression. The symptoms and their severity can vary significantly from one individual to another.

Whiplash From an Auto Accident

Determining the Other Driver’s Liability for the Crash That Caused Whiplash

You will need to show that the other driver was at-fault for the crash. That way, that party can be held liable for your damages. Sometimes fault is easily determined and is obvious by the accident report.

At other times, you might need to gather up additional evidence, such as witness statements, photos of the accident scene and damages, medical records, medical bills, photos of injuries, and so forth. If you can prove that all four elements of negligence are met, you can recover compensation for all your damages.

In this case, common damages might include medical expenses, medical expenses that may arise in the future, lost wages, earnings that may be lost in the future, pain and suffering, damages to property, loss of enjoyment of life, loss of consortium, permanent scarring, and disabilities. Your accident injury attorney will help you determine which damages you suffered and the value of your personal injury claim.

Consult With a Personal Injury Lawyer

Your lawyer will not be paid until you get compensated. You have nothing to lose with no upfront costs, so if you have suffered whiplash in a crash caused by someone’s negligence, you should consult with a personal injury attorney.

An attorney will explore your crash, gather up evidence and documentation, and then ensure you are treated fairly and get the compensation you are entitled to receive in such situations. Fill out the Free Case Evaluation Form on this page to get your spinal cord injury claim on the right track.

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