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Tips for Dealing With An Uninsured Motorist

It’s bad enough being involved in a serious accident and ending up injured, but at the back of your mind you may be thinking that you can claim compensation if the other driver involved was to blame for the accident.

Things can get complicated if that driver is found to be uninsured. Is there anything you can do about it? Here are a few tips to help you negotiate or deal with an uninsured motorist.

Tip#1: Exchange Insurance Details With The Other Driver

There are some things you can do on the spot after an accident. Whatever the circumstances you should make sure that you deal with any injuries first. If there is nothing you can do, you may need to call an ambulance.

If your injuries allow you to do so, exchange insurance and contact details with the other motorist or motorists involved. It is at this point that you might discover that the person who caused the accident was uninsured. You may not discover this immediately, but this information may be revealed later on.

Tip#2: Call the Police

Even if injuries are not severe, you will be obliged to call the police. When they attend the crash scene, they will ask questions and make observations and then write an accident report. While you are waiting for the police to arrive, it may be a good idea to take photos if you can of the vehicles involved before they are removed.

Take photos of any damage and the way the vehicles have come to rest. Ask any eye witnesses present if they mind giving brief statements of what they saw happen. You could record an oral statement or ask them to write down a statement on paper. Don’t forget to make a note of their names and contact details.

Tip#3: Make Sure You Obtain a Copy of the Police Report of the Accident

It is important that you obtain a copy of the police report as it might provide evidence about what happened that could have caused the accident. You may need the report with other evidence such as photos and eye witness statements to prevent yourself being accused of causing the accident.

If all else fails, you may need it to give to your own insurance company.

Tips for Dealing With An Uninsured Motorist

Tip#4: Check Your Own Insurance Policy for Uninsured Driver Insurance Cover

You will need to inform your own insurance company about the accident. At the same time if you have discovered that the other driver was uninsured, check to see if you have uninsured motorist insurance coverage. Many drivers are surprisingly unaware that they actually have this cover.

It may be the only recourse if the uninsured motorist does not have enough money to pay compensation out of their own assets. That is often the main reason why they are uninsured.

Tip#5: Check Out Your Legal Options With A Personal Injury Attorney

Even if the state you are in makes it compulsory for all motorists to have some insurance, it doesn’t really help you if you discover that the at-fault driver doesn’t have any, or has inadequate insurance.

The motorist may be charged with an offense but that isn’t going to pay your bills. You should still talk to a personal injury attorney to find out what your legal options are.

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