Motorcycle Crash In Parking Lot

Crashes in parking lots seem unlikely, until you remember that people are often distracted and in a hurry to get into spaces or out of the lot. This means that even in a parking lot, accidents can happen.

This is especially true when you’re on a motorcycle; other motorists sometimes won’t notice you.

The results of not being seen by another motorist can be catastrophic-- you could be left with injuries that require months’ worth of recovery.

But remember that you do have the ability to get some compensation that will reduce the stress of your recovery: namely, by filing a personal injury claim.

Parking Lot Accident Injuries

There are a lot of variables that will determine how badly you’re injured in a parking lot on your motorcycle. It depends on how fast you were going, how fast the car was going, and how much protection you were wearing. Some of these common injuries include:

  • Road rash: If a car was following you too fast while navigating the parking lot, it could cause you to lose your balance and skid across the parking lot. The resulting “road rash” can cause mild to severe skin injuries, and it can take weeks to recover from.
  • Broken leg: A driver may have been impatient about backing out of a space, so he backed out too quickly and hit you while you were on your bike. Your leg could subsequently get caught underneath your motorcycle and get crushed.
  • Broken arm: Breaking your arm is also a possibility if you’re in a parking lot. For example, if a car taps the back of your bike in a parking lot, you could fall off and break your arm in the landing.

Motorcycle Hit In Parking Lot

If you’re planning on filing a claim, be sure to include the medical bills that you’ve received as a result of these injuries.

Additionally, don’t forget about including future medical costs, such as physical therapy and ongoing doctor’s visits.

Damage to Your Motorcycle

The accident in the parking lot undoubtedly caused damage to your motorcycle, and some of it may be irreparable. If you’ve been in an accident, you’ve probably encountered:

  • Broken mirrors: A car could nudge your motorcycle while you’re on it and easily tip you over. One tip is all it takes to break your mirrors, which are a necessity for safe riding.
  • Scuffed and scratched paint job: In any instance where your motorcycle lands hard on asphalt or concrete, the paint job will get damaged.
  • Destroyed windshield: A windshield can definitely shatter in a parking lot. All it takes is a car hitting your motorcycle and your windshield hitting the ground at a particular angle.

A personal injury attorney will be best-equipped to help you figure out what damages you should include in your claim.

You’ll normally include the cost of repairs or the price of your wrecked motorcycle in a claim, and a good attorney will be able to help you determine how to handle the specifics.

Getting Help for Your Claim

In fact, a personal injury attorney can help you with just about every aspect of your claim. From filing the actual claim and arguing on your behalf, your attorney will handle every part of your case and work to get you the compensation you deserve.

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