Who is at fault for an auto accident at night?

A lot of factors are generally taken into account to prove fault in a personal injury claim. Depending on the accident scenario, the amount to be awarded to the injured person is decided. A personal injury claim provides an opportunity to the injured person to demand payment for the injuries he has suffered.

A personal injury claim not only helps to pay the medical bills of the injured person but also provides payments for any damaged property, lost income or wages, and pain and suffering.

Who to blame for night accidents?

A large number of accidents tend to occur at night in spite of lesser amount of traffic on roads. Headlights play a pivotal role while driving at night, and it is illegal to drive at night without using headlights. There are scenarios where usages of high intensity discharge xenon headlights are indicated to be a cause of night-time accidents.

Not following traffic rules and regulations is also considered a major hindrance that leads to majority of accidents. This may either be due to inexperience of the driver. Consuming alcohol also factors into nighttime accidents, as people are more likely to drink at night.

In cases involving personal injury claims, night-time is never considered a prominent factor whenever an accident occurs during this period. A person found guilty for an accident needs to award compensation to the injured person, no matter what night-time excuses he has to offer. Night-time accidents are, therefore, similar to the ones occurring at day-time. No different approach is undertaken by the jury in making a decision and declaring a claim amount for the injured person.

Ways through which an attorney can help

An attorney can always assist his client in filing a personal injury claim. Examples of how an attorney can benefit a claimant are:

  • Coming to a settlement with the insurer of the guilty
  • Following health reports of the injured person
  • Finding evidence that could aid in receiving the claim amount quicker
  • Making settlements approvable to both parties

An attorney can assist his client throughout the whole process and make sure his client avails the compensation amount he deserves for the injuries he has suffered.

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