Help! Someone Hit Me at Big Lots. What Do I Do?*

There is nothing worse than being involved in a car crash in a parking lot as a result of a driver who was not paying full attention. You would not normally expect this to happen but unfortunately parking lots are not as safe as you may think. Any type of unexpected accident can result in serious long term injuries.

Coupled with pain and suffering is the burden of financial loss from having to pay for medical treatment and the loss of earnings encountered experienced from such injuries while recovering.

You will likely need a personal injury attorney to help you to recover compensation on your behalf.

Injuries in a Parking Lot

Big Lots, like any retail store, has people crowd into their parking lot to see what bargains they have on offer. The excitement of going shopping in such a popular store often leads to drivers in the parking lots not paying full attention to driving and parking well. So often while squeezing into tight parking spaces accidents happen and a car crash takes place in the store's parking lot causing serious injuries to the victims.

The most common injury is whiplash when a driver hits another vehicle unexpectedly and the occupants don’t have time to brace. This leads to their necks being thrown backwards and forwards when their vehicle jolts violently in the car crash. Whiplash is one of those injuries that take a long time to reveal its effects.

Many victims walk away from the crash without noticing anything until the pain starts to set in at a later date.
It’s very important after a parking lot crash whether you are feeling the effects of any injury or not to take down the details of the driver who caused the car crash and take photos of the accident scene.

This means if there are any injuries that show up their symptoms at a later date you will have some recourse to file a personal injury claim and recover the financial costs of medical treatment and loss of earnings while you are being treated and are recovering from the injury.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney Before It’s Too Late

As soon as you discover you have been injured in a car crash in a parking lot you may want to contact an experienced parking lot car crash attorney to find out if you qualify for a personal injury claim. It’s your legal right to be compensated for any injuries you have received in a car crash.

*The content of this article serves only to provide information and should not be construed as legal advice. If you file a claim against Big Lots or another party, you may not be entitled to any compensation.