Car Accident in a Parking Lot

Parking lots can often be a recipe for disaster, especially if the parking lot is crowded and numerous cars are trying to navigate it at the same time with more than one driver vying for the same parking space. While you are trying to make your way to an open space in the parking lot, your car is suddenly hit by another vehicle. Suddenly you are faced with damage to your car, but more importantly, you may also be facing injuries caused by the impact. The severity of the injuries may result in ongoing medical care and time lost from work. As a result, your income drops as your medical expenses go up, creating a very unstable financial environment. Fortunately there are legal options for you to consider to protect yourself and your finances.

The Types of Injuries You Can Incur When You Get Hit by Another Car in a Parking Lot

Fortunately parking lot accidents are not as severe as other types of car accidents due to the fact that the cars driving through parking lots are usually moving at slow speeds. While this significantly reduces the chances of sustaining life-threatening injuries, this does not mean that you will not incur any injuries at all. Some common injuries that are common with parking lot accidents include neck injuries, such as whiplash, and back injuries. If you are not wearing your seatbelt during the accident, you may also sustain head injuries should your head hit the steering wheel or windshield.

Determining Who is at Fault

Parking lot accidents can be confusing when it comes to the matter of fault. Who is at fault depends on the exact nature of the accident. For example, a driver that is driving over the parking lot spaces to cross the lot who hits a driver that is driving legally down the parking lot lane would be at fault. However, two drivers who were trying to enter the same parking space at the same time may both be at fault. You may want to consult with a personal injury attorney to help establish fault in such a situation.

Generally, The more popular a retail location is, the more cars and people come travel to that location. With more cars comes more accidents and injuries. Some of the most common parking-lot crashes include: